Motorola MC 35 Enterprise Digital Assistant Review


Key Features

  • Review Price: £484.95

You might not have heard of Motorola’s Enterprise Mobility Division before. It was formed at the start of this year when Motorola bought Symbol Technologies, a respected maker of enterprise grade mobile computing kit based on a variety of software platforms including Windows Mobile and the Palm OS.

The first product form the new Motorola division is the MC35 Enterprise Digital Assistant. Clearly designed by the Symbol team rather than having had any Motorola input, it is what I’d call a semi-ruggedised handheld.

It doesn’t have the hugely overprotective design that would make it a real drag to carry around, but the casing is more solid than you’ll find on most other handhelds.

In portably terms it means this keyboard handheld is a bit larger and a bit heavier than the kind of Windows Mobile devices we usually look at here at TrustedReviews. It weighs 185g and measures 127mm tall, 66mm wide and 21mm thick.

In looks terms you are going to want to steer clear if you are a fan of sleek, shiny kit. The grey, silver and black casing is hefty and functional. The only ‘wow’ factor responses you’ll get from others when you take it out of your pocket are likely to focus on words like ‘giant’ and ‘ugly’. I’m not knocking the designers here, just pointing out that this isn’t intended to be a looker, but a doer.

In ergonomics terms the mini keyboard is on a par with the best of the competition. The qwerty keys aren’t large by any means – I measured them at about 4.5mm square. They are well spaced, though, and you can peck at them with thumbs for writing short gobbets of text.

The screen could be a bit of a problem. It measures 2.8in corner to corner, and delivers 320 x 240 pixels. This is no different to many other Windows Mobile device screens. But it is deeply recessed in its frame.