Beats Solo Review



  • Quality sound
  • Stylish design


  • Very heavy bass
  • High price

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £129.00

We’ve somehow managed to miss out on reviewing the Monster

Beats Solo Headphones for a while now, which we thought was a shame given the

amount of talk about them. Having finally gotten hold of pair, however, we’re

not sure it was worth the trouble because the Beats Solos aren’t exactly the

best headphones in the world, or even the best for their £130 asking price. But

then, would you expect less from a company that will encourage you to spend

£350 on an HDMI cable?

We shouldn’t be too harsh. The Beats Solos do have a lot

going for them, and in the right circumstances we can see why one might come

away from listening to them having enjoyed the experience. The design, for a

start, is a success story; the matt finish makes the Solos feel like £130 worth

of headphones should, and looks great.

There’s a decent amount of padding on the headband and

earpads, making the Beats Solos comfortable to wear for long periods of time,

unless you have a large enough head for the pressure to be too much. The

sliding size-adjustment for the headband has a solid, mechanical feel to it,

and locks into place securely. We found that the articulated swivel arrangement

which fixes the earcups to the headband gave a reasonable degree of freedom, so

you can move the Beats Solos around on your head a fair bit and still have a

good fit.


The headband is a little thin, but not enough to cause any

worry about its durability. A nice feature of the headband is that it is hinged,

letting the Solos fold into their supplied neoprene carrying case (another

price-justifying addition) – a feature mimicked by the copycat On-Ear Wangs.

One particularly well thought out aspect is the removable

cable or, rather, cables. The ‘standard’ cable is chunky but still reasonably

flexible, and has a particularly durable-looking connector at each end, while

the second also has an in-line remote and mic, for use with iPhone and other

compatible devices. The provision of both an iPhone-friendly and a ‘normal’

cable is great, as it means the Beats Solos don’t break with older players that

can’t cope with the revised connector that is required for headsets.