Monitor Audio Bronze BX2 AV - Performance and Verdict



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So it’s clear that the Bronze BX2 AV is a great prospect on paper, but how is it in action? In a word, fantastic. Once you’ve heard it getting stuck into the Monaco Grand Prix scene in ”Iron Man 2”, it simply beggars belief that you can buy this system for under a grand.

We wired them up to our Onkyo TX-SR807 and immediately apparent is the incredible speed and responsiveness of those C-CAM drivers. The scene rattles along at a blistering pace, with every effect relayed with attack and power – it’s utterly compelling. F1 cars zip past the camera with a fierce yet controlled roar, whip effects are sharp and bracing and sliced-up cars clatter to the ground with an electrifying crash.

The soundstage is incredibly spacious, with beautiful interaction between the channels. Effects zip around with breathtaking energy while those rear speakers spray sounds into the room and along the walls with authority and warmth. Faultless tonal matching across every speaker guarantees a remarkably unified soundstage.

It’s all anchored by the sensational BXW-10, which delivers a bass slam so deep and potent that the Chilean miners would have felt it. What’s more it never lags behind or sounds flabby when relaying sudden bangs and thuds, thanks to its tautness and dynamic punch.

Detail retrieval is superb too. ”Iron Man 2’s” quieter moments are few and far between, but when they do happen you can savour subtle sounds like chattering crowds and gentle echoes. Dialogue reproduction is remarkably sophisticated for a so-called entry-level speaker too, almost matching the authority and presence of Monitor Audio’s more expensive centres. That means speech is clear and life-like, coming through clearly no matter how raucous the scene gets.

It’s worth pointing out that Bronze doesn’t quite match the same levels of detail retrieval, power or speech clarity as the Apex or Silver RX, but it runs them both very close, which for the money is not to be sniffed at – and what you need to keep firmly in mind is that the Bronze BX2 AV is a £1k system that sounds almost as good as systems costing twice as much, which makes it a true bargain in our eyes.

Many of the strengths heard in movie playback, such as its rapid bass response, forensic detail reproduction, speech clarity and tonal solidarity, also make its music performance a real joy. There’s a deftness of touch and neutrality to the sound that puts most cheaper speakers to shame, resulting in one of the most natural and refined performances you’re likely to hear in this price class.


Once again, Monitor Audio comes up trumps with a home cinema speaker system that delivers a detailed, powerful and seamlessly integrated sound. But unlike the remarkable Apex system, you don’t have to pay through the nose for this superb performance, which makes the Bronze BX2 AV a real bargain and one of the best speaker systems of 2010.


Score in detail

  • Performance 9
  • Features 9
  • Value 9
  • Design 8