Monitor Audio Apex - A40 Centre and AW-12 Subwoofer



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Moving to the Apex A40 centre, it incorporates much of the same technology as the Apex A10s, except it adds an extra 140mm C-CAM mid/bass driver for extra authority. In the middle of these is a 25mm gold-dome tweeter, with front-mounted HiVe ports at either end.

The centre channel can be laid on a tabletop after fitting the adhesive feet but its natural home is on the wall, and for that reason it comes with an attached mounting bracket and a template in the box. Once in position, the angle can be adjusted up or down by 22.5 degrees to suit the position of your screen. Naturally its build quality is incredible, but with its 610(w) x 140(h) x 100(d)mm measurements and 6.85kg weight, make sure your wall is sturdy enough to support it.

The final piece of the puzzle is the AW-12 front-firing subwoofer, a beautifully constructed unit that’s remarkably compact but weighs a ton (well, 22.56kg to be precise). It has been created specifically for the Apex system and is styled in a spangled black lacquered finish with those snazzy metal side trims. You won’t want to hide this baby away in the corner.

On the inside is a proprietary 300mm long-throw C-CAM driver, which teams up with a 500W (!) Class D amplifier. On top is an aluminium panel that houses the volume dial and buttons for selecting between two EQ modes. On the back you’ll find the crossover control (ranging from 40Hz to 120Hz), low pass filter and phase switches plus line input and output (should you be bonkers enough to daisy chain another sub).