Mike V: Skateboard Party HD Android Game Review

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £1.24

There was a time when the majority of Android games had graphics that looked as if they’d been drawn by a 5 year old kid. But thankfully those days are long gone, as the latest games really are starting to take advantage of the powerful 3D capabilities of today’s handsets. Mike V: Skateboard Party HD is a good example, as its graphics really are up there with the best you’ll find on any mobile platform. Mike

In terms of gameplay it’s similar to the Tony Hawk titles, where you complete various challenges to earn achievements, rack up experience and become a better boarder. Naturally you can also upgrade your board as you go and even change outfits and shoes.


With over 40 tricks to master and plenty of locations, Mike V: Skateboard Party is a welcome addition to Android’s line up of HD games.

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