Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Steering Wheel - Xbox 360 Wireless Steering Wheel Review


I’m sure that some people will insist that they can still get around a track faster using the standard controller, and they’re probably right. But for me flicking a thumb stick from side to side is just nowhere near as immersive as gripping a steering wheel – just like driving a real car, to drive fast using this wheel requires practice and skill, but the eventual experience is worth all the hard work. At the end of the day, cars come equipped with steering wheels, not gamepads, and it’s just a lot more fun playing a driving game with a wheel.

The major downside of this wheel is that it doesn’t come cheap. At just under £80 online, you’re going to have to be a real driving game fan to put your hand in your pocket for this wheel, no matter how good it is. You do get PGR3 bundled in the box, but it’s unlikely that any driving game enthusiast wouldn’t already have it in their collection. So, the question is whether it’s worth the money, and I’m inclined to think that it is, especially with Forza Motorsport 2 just around the corner!


Although it’s not as wireless as its name would suggest, this wheel still offers a distinct lack of cables draping from your console to your sofa. Add to this superb design and build quality, coupled with the best force feedback action I’ve felt and you’ve got a great virtual driver’s tool. If you’re serious about driving games and are already counting down the days to the release of Forza 2, you should seriously consider one of these.