Microsoft Lumia 435 Review - Battery Life and Verdict Review


Microsoft Lumia 435 – Battery Life

The chunky body of the Lumia

435 could only be justified by the inclusion of a large capacity

battery, but looks in this case are deceiving.

In fact,

the 435 is only packing a 1,560mAh battery that Microsoft states should

provide up to 11.7 hours of talk time or up to 9.4 hours of Wi-Fi

browsing. We’d describe the 435’s battery as average for a phone at this

price. After a full day of mixed use including, internet browsing,

streaming video from YouTube, listening to music and playing about 30

minutes of Asphalt 8, the phone’s battery was at a critical level before

Microsoft Lumia 435 battery

games and watching downloaded videos content tears through the phone’s

battery life – I saw a 20% for every hour of either activity. One thing

in the 435’s favour in this regard though is that the battery is

removable, so spares can be used if necessary.

At rest the

battery holds up well, barely draining at all, hence why Microsoft

states it can last up to 21 days on standby. Ultimately, the battery is OK for the kind of light use the Lumia 435 is intended for, but a phone

like the Motorola Moto E (2015) is much better here. It may be twice the

price, but it’s battery life runs into several days.

Microsoft Lumia 435 screen pixels

Should I buy the Microsoft Lumia 435?


Lumia 435 would make an ok first phone or travel burner, but there

better Android phones out there. Battery life is paramount at this price

and the Lumia 435’s battery is no more than average, while the app

selection remains patchy.

If you can’t afford pricier phones like the excellent 2015 Moto E, consider last year’s Moto E (2014)

instead. It can still be found for around £50, matches the 435 for

specs and its Android OS offers an easier first time experience and

great upgrade options in future. Alternatively, our best cheap phones round-up has plenty of better phones at this price.


We can only

recommend the Microsoft Lumia 435 phone if you find the Windows 8.1 OS

preferable to Android. Otherwise stronger alternatives can be found for

the money.


Score in detail

  • Performance 6
  • Camera 6
  • Design 6
  • Battery Life 6
  • Value 7
  • Software 7
  • Calls & Sound 6
  • Screen Quality 6