Memorex Ultra TravelDrive Review


Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £49.03

It’s pretty much been established that USB powered 2.5in portable hard drives are the greatest invention in computer storage since the CD. They work on just about any computer, don’t need a separate power supply, can be small and light enough to carry in a pocket (yet tough enough not to need a case), have enough capacity for transporting even the largest media collections, are reuseable, and, considering their capacity, are as cheap as chips as well. All of which is great for the consumer but for the manufacturers, this makes things a little more difficult as a marketplace saturated with essentially identically good products means that making your product stand out from the crowd becomes a difficult task.

That’s why we’ve seen plenty of attempts by companies to create products that offer something unique to the consumer, with some being more successful than others. However, the Memorex Ultra TravelDrive is the first portable hard drive we’ve seen that offers not just one but several unique and innovative features. The most stand out of which is that it’s the first we’ve seen that changes colour to suit your mood!

That’s right, no longer will you have to make do with your boring silver portable drive when you’re feeling all chipper and fancy looking a bit dandy. Nor will the whimsical, light hearted nature of your bright orange hard disk be cause for much distraction and annoyance when you’re under the cosh at work. Now, with the help of interchangeable faceplates, you can change the look of your hard drive to match your current disposition.

All well and good, you may be thinking, but isn’t that just a gimmick? Well, essentially, yes it is. But, even that aside, the concept is fundamentally flawed anyway as you don’t even get to choose which colours you want. You see, the range is split up into three capacities with each one having its own tricolour of face plates included. So, if you go for the 80GB version you get orange and white, the 120GB comes with blue and black, going for the full fat 160GB gets you green and white, and all three also come with anthracite grey.

I don’t know about you, but if I were to buy one of these I’d want the full choice of colours at my disposal, regardless of capacity. Also, half the appeal of an option like this is that you can buy one set of plates with the drive then, if you change your décor, buy a new laptop with a different colour scheme, or your old plates are starting to look a bit worse for wear, you can go and buy some replacements. By packaging them all in together you just end up having a load of spare face plates, that you may have no intention of using, floating around the detritus of your desk – and god knows none of us need anymore of that.

All that said, the range does offer more colour choices than any other drives on the market and if you fancy the idea, there’s no easier way to change your drive’s appearance. Moreover, what the Ultra TravelDrive lacks in true stylistic freedom it more than makes up for with its features, overall good looks, and functionality.