Medion Erazer X6813 (MD97762) - Screen, Specs and Performance Review


The Erazer X6813’s screen ensures you’ll get a lot of

enjoyment out of movies and games – as long as you sit at the right angle, that

is. With 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (Full HD) stuffed into its relatively small

15.6in area, everything looks incredibly sharp, and it gives you plenty of

desktop area to play around in (though you may have to zoom in more

frequently). However, unlike the same resolution crammed into a 13in display –

as is offered on the Sony VAIO Z for example – here it’s generally very usable and actually makes


Other good points include even backlighting with no

distracting bleed, and excellent black differentiation, ensuring you’ll see all

the detail in dark games and movies. We also didn’t notice any unpleasant

artefacts to ruin the party. Unfortunately, mediocre viewing angles, plus a

lack of colour vividness not ameliorated by the screen’s glossy coating, hold

it back from being an overall winner. We do hope that matt displays make their

way into more gaming machines as they currently seem to be doing in the

consumer market (like on the Samsung Series 7). Still, with price once more in mind, this Medion’s screen

falls firmly into the ‘good enough’ category.

Obviously, the graphics card is the single most important

element of any gaming machine, and especially important on a laptop – where

it’s difficult, if not impossible, to upgrade. However, let’s first check out

the supporting cast, which in the case of the Erazer X6813 MD97762 is rather


Medion’s CPU of choice is an Intel ‘Sandy Bridge’

Core i7-2630QM. This quad-core processor is pretty much the default choice in

80 percent of gaming laptops, and with a maximum Turbo Frequency of 2.9GHz

(1.7GHz default) and up to eight virtual cores, it will give plenty of

performance for even the most intense workloads. It’s certainly adequate for

any game out there.

It’s backed by a generous 8GB of RAM, again more than

sufficient for gaming. Storage consists of a fast 7,200rpm, 750GB HDD, and

though we would have loved to have seen an SSD in here, that isn’t a realistic

expectation at the X6813 MD97762’s sub-£900 price point (you do get one in the

£999 Erazer X6813 MD97833, though you only get half the RAM). Also, since the

laptop has a 2.5in bay free in the review config, you can always add a cheap SSD

yourself, with fast 64GB ones going for under £80 these days.

On the software front, meanwhile, the 64-bit version of

Windows 7 Home Premium is accompanied by a few interesting extras, with CyberLink’s

PowerRecover being a standout. This allows for full backups and factory

restoration, so getting a fresh, clean install will only take a few clicks.