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As an alternative to a widescreen 30in display the Matrox TripleHead2Go has a lot going for it in it s favour. It’s provides an even wider image, is less graphically demanding and it cheaper. You could even employ old CRT’s to make up the three monitors though the bezel’s are likely to be even thicker than they are on LCDs.

Interestingly Matrox said that specialist companies that make single super wide monitors such as Skwish and (linkout: Panorantech are very interested in the TripleHead as it could really expand their markets. At the moment none of the displays they offer is an exact resolution match for the TripleHead and if they did produce one it would do away with the cost saving bonus over a 30in screen as it would no doubt cost a small fortune. However, a single display with non bezel would be a truly ultimate gaming monitor and no doubt there would be a good number of well heeled gamers willing to purchase such a display – presumably the same ones who snapped up the $10,000 Quad SLI Dell machine.


The TripleHead2Go makes triple screen gaming a reality. It will also be of great interest to workstation CAD designers and with quad screens for notebook users, day traders working from home will want one too. It’s a simple concept that’s well executed and the box itself is accessibly priced. If you’re a multi-monitor fan and you have the space you have to consider this.