Marantz SR6005 - Performance and Verdict



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We fired up the SR6005 and were treated to a wonderful performance with ”Iron Man 2” on Blu-ray. Right from the off you can hear where your money’s going – the atmospheric sound design of the opening scenes at Vanko’s house are beautifully handled, from the silky score to subtle background effects. The AC/DC track that blasts out when Iron Man dives from the plane at the start of chapter 2 is fast-paced and punchy, while Tony’s appearance in the Senate is awash with resonant, realistic echo.

This powerful, involving performance continues throughout the movie. The brilliant Monaco Grand Prix scene is a particular highlight, giving the Marantz a chance to strut its stuff. Racing cars zoom by with a forceful rasp, and every time Vanko whips the ground the impact is crisp and piercing, real heart racing stuff.

The SR6005 is accomplished in every department. Surround channels are sharp and fluidly steered – as Iron Man is chased by Hammer’s robots, they swoop from speaker to speaker with the sort of speed and immaculate timing that’ll leave your head spinning. It also digs deep into the soundtrack to expose loads of detail, while loud top-end effects don’t grate at all. The chink of metal on metal and smashing glass sounds convincing and well controlled without any harshness to speak of.

There are no major criticisms, only that the sound from the Denon AVR-1911 and Onkyo TX-SR608 is perhaps a little smoother and easier on the ear. We can’t fault its music chops either, as it articulates vocals with detail, offers tight rhythmic bass and draws out subtle musical elements easily.


With its fantastic sound quality, hordes of connections, wide-ranging feature list and classy looks, we’re in no doubt that you’ll consider the SR6005 to be money well spent. It’s worth noting that the THX Select 2-certified Onkyo TX-SR608 offers better value for money at around half the price, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that the Marantz delivers a hugely rewarding home cinema experience.


Score in detail

  • Performance 9
  • Features 8
  • Value 7
  • Design 9