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The Logitech Lift mouse is an excellent productivity device. Its design proved comfortable, alleviating any strain on my wrist, while the companion software offered the ability to adjust the DPI. The main downside of this device is its high price.


  • Comfortable to hold
  • Ergonomic design
  • No glitches during testing
  • Great button placement
  • Works on a variety of surfaces


  • Slightly small
  • Have to manually turn off


  • UKRRP: £69.99
  • USARRP: $69.99
  • EuropeRRP: €79.99
  • CanadaRRP: CA$89.99
  • AustraliaRRP: AU$130

Key Features

  • Ergonomic designFeels comfortable to hold, alleviating wrist pain
  • Made for smaller handsDesigned to be used by small to medium-sized hands
  • Comes in a left-handed versionThe Lift Left for left-handed people is only available in the Graphite colour


The Logitech Lift is a productivity mouse that’s aimed at people with small to medium-sized hands. Its peculiar design is supposed to help alleviate wrist-strain, and it comes with multiple buttons that you can customise via the Logi+ Options app.

I’ve been using this wireless mouse for a couple of weeks now, and despite reservations about its whacky design, I have fallen in love with it.

While that may sound like an overstatement, the comfortable design and easy-to-use companion software have made the Logitech Lift a joy to use – although my recommendation extends to productivity use only.

Here’s how I got on with the Logitech Lift wireless mouse.


  • Comfortable, ergonomic shape
  • Alleviates wrist-strain
  • Four customisable buttons

The most striking aspect of the Lift is its design. Aimed at people with small to medium-sized hands, I did feel it was a tad too small for me. Nevertheless, it feels remarkably pleasant to use.

Designed so that your hand rests in a more natural position than it would with a regular mouse, I certainly found it more comfortable than other devices I’ve used in the past. For work, I primarily use a mouse or a trackpad, and I usually find I experience wrist-strain towards the end of a work day. I was pleased to discover that the Logitech Lift alleviated almost all of my wrist-strain, feeling far better in use overall than any previous mice I’ve used.

Me holding the Logitech Lift mouse from two angles
Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

As you can see from the image above, my hand is slightly too big for the unit, covering the majority of the right side of the mouse. I wouldn’t recommend the Logitech Lift mouse for those with large hands, although it remained a comfortable model for me.

My main reservation about this mouse was becoming familiar with the new design. Thankfully, since you continue to use the same fingers to left-click and right-click, it feels more natural than you might initially imagine.

Since my partner codes for a living, using a mouse more often than a keyboard, I asked him to put the Logitech Lift through its paces as well. He, too, found the device easy to get to grips with and comfortable in use. He commented on how natural his wrist position felt compared to using a normal mouse. As such, this is a great device for those whose job involves spending much of the day using a mouse.

The Logitech Lift from the side with two buttons showing
Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

The Logitech Lift features four buttons – including the scroll wheel – that you can customise using the Logi+ Options app. Buttons are tactile and their placement means the sit within easy reach. A power button can be found on the bottom of the device as well as an Easy-Switch button, which we’ll touch upon in the next section. There’s no charging port here; instead the mouse is powered by a single AA battery, which you’ll find by sliding away a section on the bottom of the mouse.

The Logitech Lift mouse comes in Rose, Off-White and Graphite colour options, with my model being of the latter. It’s also available in a left-handed variation, although that version is only to be found in the Graphite colour.

The Logitech Lift back with the battery showing
Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Performance and Software

  • Logi+ Options app offers customisation
  • 400-4000 DPI range
  • Connect to three devices at once
  • 24-month battery life

The Logitech Lift can be customised using the accompanying software, Logi+ Options (available on Windows and Mac). Through the app I was able to customise the buttons and adjust the DPI. The range on offer isn’t as high as some gaming mice – the Razer DeathAdder V2 X HyperSpeed, for example – but for a productivity device, it was perfectly fine.

The Logitech Lift Logi Options app showing off the settings
Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

The mouse was sensitive and I found its out of the box sensitivity was ideal, although since I was using the device for my day-to-day work, I had few instances where it really need to be gaming level fast. Logi+ allows you to customise the DPI in 100dpi increments, and I was able to find a comfortable medium for my work.

I did play a couple of games with the Logitech Lift, such as Stardew Valley and Binding of Isaac, and I found the mouse functioned okay for such use. However, I wouldn’t really recommend it as a gaming mouse, since it doesn’t offer a massively high DPI range. In addition, with only four customisable buttons, it may not be ideal for more high-octane games such as Call of Duty: Vanguard. For casual gamers, though – especially with easy-going titles such as Stardew Valley – the Lift would be fine.

Logi Options app showing the button customisation
Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Another great feature of the Lift is its ability to connect to three devices. The Easy-Switch button on the rear of the device makes it easy to flip between a laptop and desktop; it worked seamlessly, making the Lift a great option for those who often work with multiple devices at once.

On the battery front, Logitech claims that this mouse can last up to 24 months. I’ve been using the device for around two months, and in that time battery life has decreased by only 5%. I also tested if battery drain differed between Bluetooth and dongle connection, but since the battery drains so slowly, I couldn’t see a difference.

The Logitech Lift mouse facing away on a black surface
Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Personally, I chose to connect the Logitech Lift via Bluetooth for most of the time, and didn’t notice the latency or connection being significantly improved when using the included Logi dongle.

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Should you buy it?

You want a mouse for work or study Anyone looking for a productivity mouse should look no further. The Lift sports an incredibly comfortable design and features well-placed buttons that can be customised in the Logi+ Options app.

You need a larger mouse The Logitech Lift is aimed at those with small to medium-sized hands, and as such it won’t be suitable for anyone with larger hands.

Final Thoughts

The Logitech Lift wireless mouse is one of my favourite productivity peripherals. The design may take a brief amount of time to get used to, but it’s time well spent. Wrist strain has become a thing of the past since I’ve started using the device, and the quoted two-year battery life means you won’t need to worry about charging the mouse for a very long time.

The only criticism I can level at the Lift is its high price – you can find other ergonomic models for under £70. The smaller size may also be a hindrance to those with larger hands. Unless you’re going to make use of the Logi+ Options app and Easy-Switch feature, I’d consider a cheaper option – although the Logitech Lift is an easy recommend for anyone who works across multiple devices.

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We use every mouse we test for at least a week. During that time, we’ll check it for ease of use and put it through its paces during day-to-day use.

We also check each mouse’s software to see how easy it is to customise and set up.

Tested for a month

Used both Bluetooth and dongle

Tested the battery life


How does the Logitech Lift connect?

You can connect the Logitech Lift either using Bluetooth or the included Logi Bolt USB receiver.

How do I charge the Logitech Lift?

The Logitech Lift runs on a single AA battery. In addition, a high quoted battery life means this device doesn’t need to be charged between uses.

Full specs

You can see a breakdown of the Lift’s specs in the table below.

Quiet Mark Accredited
Size (Dimensions)
Release Date
First Reviewed Date
Battery Length
DPI range
Number of Buttons


TrustedReviews’ holds the fact that global warming is not a myth as a core value and will continuously endeavour to help protect our planet from harm in its business practices.

As part of this mission, whenever we review a product we send the company a series of questions to help us gauge and make transparent the impact the device has on the environment.

You can see a breakdown of the company’s answers to these questions below.

Materials used

The purpose of this section is specific to the product being reviewed. The goal is to ascertain what measures have been taken to use sustainably sourced, recycled materials in the product. There are no perfect answers, the goal is to show what has been done.

What proportion of the materials used has been responsibly sourced? (Please include as detailed stats as possible for plastic, metal etc and address the below points).

What proportion of the metal used were recycled?

  • 0% – metal is not a major constituent of Lift.

What proportion of the plastics used were recycled?

  • The plastic parts in Lift Vertical Ergonomic mouse include certified post-consumer recycled plastic – to give a second life to end-of-life plastic from old consumer electronics and help reduce our carbon footprint.
  • 70% of the plastics in the Graphite mouse is post-consumer recycled plastic.
  • 54% of the plastics in the Rose or Off-white mouse is post-consumer recycled plastic.
  • For further use on our recycled plastics innovation program, please refer to our website here.

What proportion of the materials were responsibly sourced?

  • The plastic parts in Lift Vertical Ergonomic mouse include certified post-consumer recycled plastic – to give a second life to end-of-life plastic from old consumer electronics and help reduce our carbon footprint.
  • 70% of the plastics in the Graphite mouse is post-consumer recycled plastic.
  • 54% of the plastics in the Rose or Off-white mouse is post-consumer recycled plastic.
  • By the end of 2021, more than 65% of the mice and keyboards in our Creativity and Productivity business group included post-consumer recycled plastic. Our use of recycled plastics has grown rapidly in the last two years as part of our Design for Sustainability approach.
  • “By using post-consumer recycled plastic as our preferred material at scale, we have been able to take meaningful action to make sustainable living easy for consumers as well as make a substantial impact towards decreasing our carbon footprint.” (Delphine Donne-Crock, general manager of Creativity and Productivity)(Press Release).

Is the product made from renewable resources?

  • The product hardware includes post-consumer recycled plastics, as detailed above. As evidenced by our third-party certification, our recycled plastics come from end-of-life electronic and electrical equipment, thus helping to “close the loop” for our sector and give end-of-life plastics a next life. 
  • Within Logitech, we define “Renewable materials” as natural materials that are recyclable at end-of-life and sourced from natural reserves that are managed responsibly, to ensure reserves can be replenished at a rate that matches demand and consumption and there is no net loss of biodiversity or impact on carbon sinks. All of the paper packaging in Lift is FSC-certified meaning it is sourced from forests certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) via a certified chain of custody of responsible suppliers.

What percentage of the materials used are biodegradable?

  • The product materials are not biodegradable. Our goal is to create a durable product that lasts. For further information on packaging, please refer to the information below.

Is the packaging biodegradable?

  • Our Single-Use Plastic Policy is our pledge to “avoid single-use plastic packaging whenever possible”. More than 90% of Lift packaging, by weight, is paper-based. Paper-based items will naturally biodegrade in the environment while plastic items will not. 
  • The remaining packaging (<10%) is plastic and not biodegradable. For the B2C version, we use a PP-laminate to protect the cosmetic design. The PP-laminate is used in very low levels and recycler feedback indicates it can be removed & discarded during the recycling process and would not significantly impact the recyclability of the box. The only remaining plastic component is a small battery tag, which is unavoidable at this time.

Is the product’s packaging responsibly sourced?

  • All of the paper-based packaging of this product comes from FSC-certified forests and other controlled sources, via a FSC-certified chain of custody:
  • Cardboard box
  • Cardboard insert
  • Paper documentation
  • Cellulose seal labels


Trusted Reviews believes tech shouldn’t be thrown away the moment something goes wrong. Products should be easily repairable and receive company support for as long as possible. This section of the questions focuses on what guarantees are being made to ensure this on the specific product being reviewed. You do not have to answer yes to every question to receive a badge, the goal is transparency.

How long will the product be officially supported with software and security updates?

  • Lift will be supported with software and security updates 3 years after product discontinuation.

How long is it guaranteed to be covered by an official repair policy?

  • We do not currently offer a guarantee or official repair policy covering this product.

Can all parts of the device be replaced or upgraded using publicly available tools?

  • Many parts of the product can be readily accessed, opened, disassembled or modified using commonly available tools (regular screwdriver) in a non-destructive process. It can be reassembled in the same manner.

Are replacement parts readily available to the general public?

  • We are currently working on having the battery door and feet spare parts available through Logitech Customer Care.

Does home repair void the product’s warranty?

  • Yes


The purpose of this section is to establish what efforts have been made to ensure the product can be safely and sustainably disposed of. Don’t be afraid to not have perfect answers we want to flag what positive work is being done and will always factor in forward-looking statements where possible.

How many of the components/what materials used can be fully recycled?

  • In many countries worldwide, there are dedicated facilities for collection and recycling of small electronic devices. In the product documentation for this product, we remind consumers to segregate electronics from their household waste and send it for recycling and we direct consumers to our Recycling Webpage on, where they can find their local recycling facilities, where available.
  • The following materials are recyclable: 
  • All ABS, PC and PC-ABS rigid plastic parts (69g approx), excluding the dual-shot palm rest. 
  • Steel parts (0.7g per product)
  • With 70g of recyclable components, and a total weight of 107g, this means 65% of Lift is recyclable, by total product weight (excluding battery).
Logitech Lift mouse sustainability

Are any components or parts permanently attached/unremovable to the point they cannot be recycled?

  • The ICs & components soldered onto the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) panel.
  • The palm rest is dual-shot using recycled ABS and TPE. These cannot be easily separated.

Do you have an official recycling programme customers can use to ethically dispose of the product?

  • We have an established Recycling Webpage, where consumers can learn more about recycling and find local recycling programs. Every Logitech product includes product documentation referring consumers to the webpage to find their local drop-off points and recycling points. In some countries, we direct consumers to leverage local and governmental recycling infrastructure. In countries where this is not available, we offer our own recycling program and options for the consumer. We do not have a recycling program for every country of sale but we have provided information to empower the majority of our customers to access a Logitech scheme or local infrastructure.  

Does your company offer incentives (cash on a new device etc) for people to recycle their old devices?

  • We do not currently offer monetary incentives to incentivise people to recycle their old devices, but we are exploring the best way forward in that regard.

Is the packaging recyclable?

  • More than 90% of the packaging is made from (paper-based) recyclable materials.  The remaining 10% (Cellulose seal labels, PP-laminate and battery tag) can be easily separated from the paper-based materials and would be treated as waste in the recycling process. The cellulose seal labels are also biodegradable. 

Supply chain

We know a lot of these questions will be hard to get answers for, but remember the purpose of this process is to help us educate readers about what work is being done and to help boost sustainability in consumer tech. Just getting people in businesses and on the high street to start thinking about these things is also a welcome side benefit, so feel free to include statements even if you can’t give definitive answers. We’ll always report accurately what is being said.

Have you undertaken a carbon foot-printing exercise for the product?

  • Yes, the design of this product was subject to our Design for Sustainability process, which uses Carbon Footprinting throughout the product development process, to ensure design decisions are informed by an understanding of environmental impact. The carbon footprint of this product will be shared publicly on the product webpage and box, as soon as we finish the third-party certification process for the life-cycle analysis (LCA) study. For more information on our Carbon Clarity program to empower consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions, please refer to our Carbon Clarity webpage.
  • Lift is also certified carbon neutral. Our company climate goals and targets are ambitious and will require transformational change in our business over the next decade. We recognise the achievement of these transformation changes will take time and the effects of climate change are already being felt worldwide. As a consequence, achieving absolute reductions in our impact remains our priority but last year we decided to also address the full carbon footprint of our product portfolio, through the purchase of carbon removals and carbon offsets supporting forestry, renewables and climate-impacted communities. As an outcome of the last year of investments, we now maintain carbon neutrality (Scope 1, 2 and 3) for our full operations, supply chain and products and that achievement has been certified by SCS Services.  This means the carbon impact of Lift (along with all our other products) has been reduced to zero, through the purchase of high-quality offsets.

To the best of your knowledge, was it manufactured using ethically sourced labour

Does the product use any hazardous chemicals or materials that cannot be recycled or need specialist disposal? If so, what are they?

  • The product does not use any hazardous chemicals or materials that require specialist disposal. 
  • All of the materials that are used in Lift’s product and packaging were sourced in accordance with our General Specification for the Environment (GSE) standards (i.e. green procurement standards). We formalized the prohibition and restriction of certain chemicals, materials, and substances in 2002 with the introduction of our GSE. Our GSE standards identify the substances that we prohibit, restrict or require declarations for, as well as our labeling requirements and help us ensure compliance with all legal requirements world-wide, as well as implementing best practice sourcing standards, which are beyond legal requirements, where relevant.

How much electrical and chemical waste is produced while manufacturing the product?

  • We look for every opportunity to minimise waste in manufacturing. We establish quality and utilisation targets to drive efficient use of materials during the initial stages of product launch and our quality and manufacturing teams monitor performance over time, to drive optimisation.

Jargon buster


DPI stands for "Dots Per Inch" and measures the sensitivity of a mouse. A higher DPI figure will see the mouse cursor travel a greater distance from the same wrist movement, making it very useful for competitive gaming.

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