Logik L323CD11 - 2D Pictures and Sound Review


Making the L323CD11’s already very unsatisfying attempts to produce a

decent black colour even worse is the appearance of some pretty obvious

areas of backlight inconsistency. This problem, where some parts of the

image look brighter than others when they’re not supposed to, is more

associated with edge LED lighting than the L323CD11’s CCFL lighting

system. But it’s there on this Logik set nonetheless.

It also has

to be said that the set’s already limited black level response drops

off dramatically if you watch the screen from an angle down the sides of

any more than 30 degrees.

Two further problems raised by the L323CD11’s below par black level response are some clearly and irreparably off-key colours during dark scenes, and an almost complete absence of shadow detailing. This results in any even remotely dark parts of the picture looking like they’re empty, flat, black holes that have been ripped out of the rest of the picture.

Another issue with the L323CD11 is that it’s upscaling engine isn’t very special. Which means that all but the purest, most high-quality standard definition sources look distinctly soft and ‘mushy’ when converted to the screen’s HD Ready resolution, as well as suffering more colour errors.

To be fair, though, the L323CD11 is not a total 2D washout. Bright, colourful HD sources like an animated Blu-ray movie or a typical Sky News HD studio shot suddenly bring the screen to life, revealing that it is capable after all of producing good sharpness levels; bright, punchy and even quite realistic colours; and even a reasonable amount of dynamic range.
Logik L323CD11
In fact, with surprisingly little motion blur around either, the L323CD11 goes from looking below average by budget TV standards during dark scenes to looking quite a bit above average with bright HD scenes.

The obvious problem with this is that nobody watches exclusively bright, colourful, HD content (especially without a Freeview HD tuner). So in effect you’re left with a TV that displeases and distracts more often that it pleases and engages.

Two final points worth a quick mention are the L323CD11’s solid, reasonably distortion-free audio performance and actually quite respectable sub-40ms input lag figure. This would have made the Logik TV a potential winner as a gaming monitor were it not for its fundamental black level problems.

While the L323CD11 is a solid 3D performer provided you can work within its tight viewing angle limitations, its at times significant problems doing justice to 2D material just can’t be ignored given that 2D is likely to make up the vast majority of your viewing time.


Score in detail

  • 3D Quality 7
  • Value 8
  • Design 6
  • 2D Quality 6
  • Sound Quality 7