Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro Review - Performance, camera, battery and audio Review


Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro – Performance

Unlike most Android tablets, the Lenovo is powered by an Intel X5 Atom processor, not a Qualcomm Snapdragon.


CPU’s paired with 2GB of DDR3 RAM, which puts it behind similarly priced

Android competitors. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 comes with a more robust 3GB of


The Yoga Tab 3 Pro performed reasonably well when

benchmarked, despite its lower memory. The tablet scored 48,867

on Antutu and ran in with a 3,269 multi-core Geekbench score. On the gaming-focused 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited test the Yoga Tab 3 Pro scored


This puts it roughly on a par with most flagship tablets.

By comparison the Galaxy Tab S2 (8-inch) scored 51,815 on Antutu, 4,206

on Geekbench 3 and 19,306 on Ice Storm Unlimited.

The Tab 3 Pro performs admirably with real-world use. Videos and music stream

seamlessly and games like Riptide GP2, Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition

and Shadowrun Returns run chug free.

The only minor performance

issue I noticed was that, on occasion, the tablet would stutter slightly

when navigating between windows – though this happened very rarely and

never severely slowed down the device.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro – Camera


Yoga Tab 3 Pro on paper has a pretty impressive camera setup, at least

by tablet standards. Lenovo’s loaded it with 13-megapixel rear and

4.9-megapixel front cameras. This puts it a cut above most tablets,

which usually at best have 8-megapixel rear cameras.

But be warned: more megapixels don’t necessarily mean fewer problems when it comes to camera tech.


Yoga Tab 3 Pro’s camera is good by tablet standards, but it’s still far

from perfect. Images generally came out looking

reasonably sharp and had suitably vibrant colours. But shutter lag is outright terrible.
Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro
The tablet’s camera isn’t going to set the world on fire

There’s a noticeable lag between when you

push the on-screen shutter button and the picture actually being taken.

This makes shooting a moving target, or capturing an impromptu scene on

the tablet all but impossible.

I struggled to discern a

noticeable quality difference between pictures taken on the Yoga Tab 3

Pro and competing tablets such as the Galaxy Tab S2. Image noise becomes an issue when you start trying to use the camera

in low light, just as it has on all the tablets I’ve reviewed.

The front camera, while a little low-res for selfies, is more than good enough for video calling.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro – Battery


crammed a giant 10,200mAh non-removable battery into the Yoga Tab 3

Pro. That makes most tablets’ power packs look outright diddly.

By comparison the Nexus 9 runs using a 6,700mAh battery and the iPad Air

runs off a 7,340 mAh power pack.

Lenovo claims the battery

will offer up to 18 hours of mixed use off one charge. I never once managed

to get a full 18 hours’ video playback, but found the

battery life still to be pretty impressive.

The tablet loses

9-14% of its charge per hour with video streaming from services like

Netflix, BBC iPlayer and the Play Store. This is pretty impressive for a

tablet in the Yoga Tab’s price bracket. Most 10-inch tablets usually

lose between 10-20% of their charge per hour with video streaming.


Yoga Tab 3 Pro also deals with gaming fairly well. It generally

discharges 15-20% of its battery per hour when playing games.

This is in line with most 2015 Android tablets, such as the Galaxy Tab S2.


everyday use I generally managed to get three days’ average use out of

the Tab 3 Pro. Average use entailed sporadically surfing the web, regularly

checking my emails and social media feeds, plus a couple of hours of

gaming and video streaming per day.Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

Lenovo Tab 3 Pro – Audio


quality is one area where the Yoga Tab 3 Pro excels. Lenovo’s packed

the tablet with four integrated front-facing JBL speakers and Dolby

Atmos sound tech.

Dolby Atmos on mobile is a nifty feature that’s

designed to let the tablet create a virtual version of Dolby’s latest surround sound tech, which is used in many cinemas.

The mobile app also has useful features, such as a sound

equaliser that lets you optimise the speakers for particular types of

audio, such as games, music and movies. While this is great for

people who like to tweak sonics, out of the box I found the sound quality to be impressive.

The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro’s bass is noticeably chunkier than competing tablets – to the point it

makes the iPad Air 2 and Galaxy Tab S2’s speakers sound outright weedy.

Mid-levels and highs are also strong and never sound drowned out.


tablet’s maximum volume is also great. Using it to watch TV shows 12ft

away with the projector turned on, I was able to clearly hear audio with

the speaker set to 40% volume hassle free.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

Should I buy the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro?


Lenovo Tab 3 Pro is a unique tablet focused on entertainment.

The innovative stand mechanism, robust design, custom projector and

stellar speakers make it one of the best tablets around for watching

movies, playing games and listening to music.

However, the design

makes it noticeably heavier than rivals, meaning people who

want a light, travel-friendly tablet may prefer a more traditional model, such as the iPad Air 2 or Nexus 9.

Its only other shortcoming is Lenovo’s Android skin, which adds a little too much bloatware for my liking.


The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro is the best entertainment tablet to arrive this year.


Score in detail

  • Performance 8
  • Value 8
  • Design 8
  • Sound Quality 9
  • Screen Quality 8
  • Battery Life 9
  • Build Quality 9

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