Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z5 - Test Shots – Exposure and Zoom Evaluation Review


”This page consists of resized images (to Adobe ImageReady jpg quality 50) in order for you to evaluate the overall exposure and the power of the optical zoom.”

”’Despite the longer exposure using just natural ambient light, the image is well exposed.”’

15mm (approx. 90mm equivalent), f8, 2.5sec, ISO 50.


”’Here the same scene has been shot while using the Z5’s built-in flash. The white-balance seems to be a little off, but this can be corrected with the white balance custom mode.”’

15mm (approx. 90mm equivalent), f3.5, 1/40, ISO 50.


”’High contrast images can lead to blown out highlights, but careful use of the exposure compensation button should help minimise this.”’

13mm (approx. 78mm equivalent), f8, 1/400, ISO 50.


”’This simple montage gives you an idea of the power of the Z5’s optical zoom – this sort of magnification gives you a great deal of flexibility when you’re out and about. The shot at the bottom was taken with the lens almost fully extended and it’s evident that the Z5’s image stabilisation has helped immensely with this hand held shot snapped at only 1/125 of a second.”’

Top: 10mm (approx. 60mm equivalent), f8, 1/160, ISO 50.

Bottom: 69.5mm (approx. 418mm equivalent), f7.1, 1/125, ISO 50.


”’The exposure system is very good, and colour rendition is excellent with well-balanced and natural hues in Standard mode.”’

6mm (approx. 36mm equivalent), f7.1, 1/25, ISO 50.


Score in detail

  • Value 8
  • Image Quality 8