Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z20 Review - Test Shots – Exposure Evaluation Review


”This page consists of resized images (to Adobe ImageReady jpg quality 50) in order for you to evaluate the overall exposure.”

”’Colour rendition is superb. Although this shot was taken on a cloudy day, the colours are bright and vibrant, with plenty of detail even in the yellow highlights.”’

6mm (approx. 36mm equivalent), f3.2, 1/100sec, ISO 50


”’The high contrast between the dark foreground and bright sky has caused the metering system to over-expose this shot slightly, but the main subject is well exposed.”’

6mm (approx. 36mm equivalent), f4.8, 1/125sec, ISO 50


”’With the flash switched off, the exposure system meters for the highlights, leaving the foreground dark, as intended.”’

6mm (approx. 36mm equivalent), f4.8, 1/100sec, ISO 50


”’With the flash set on auto, the exposure system balances the flash with the ambient light, brightening the foreground while still capturing the statue in the distance.”’

6mm (approx. 36mm equivalent), f3.2, 1/320sec, ISO 64


”’The autofocus system has correctly locked on to the closest subject, even though it is not central in the frame.”’

6mm (approx. 36mm equivalent), f3.2, 1/60sec, ISO 50


Score in detail

  • Value 9
  • Image Quality 8