Kodak EasyShare E610 Printer Dock - Kodak EasyShare E610 Printer Dock Review


Although the E610 is specifically designed to be used with Kodak cameras via the docking port, is can be used with other brands via the USB connection, as long as they support the ImageLink protocol. It can also be used to print picture from a home computer, again via the USB connection.

Since no PC photo editing is required, any picture editing required must be carried out in the camera menu before printing. Most modern Kodak cameras include the ability to crop and rotate the picture in playback mode. The number of copies of a particular picture to be printed is set when the “Share” button is used, and that information is used by the printer. When the camera is connected to the printer, a simple four-way control allows the user to scroll through the pictures stored on the memory card and select which ones to print, or to simply print all of them. The only other option is a layout function, which allows two, four or nine pictures to be printed on the same sheet, although given the small size of the paper this is probably more useful for things like passport photos.

As I mentioned, printing the first photo takes about one and a half minutes, but drops to approximately one minute for subsequent prints, and the prints are dry and can be handled as soon as they are finished. Print quality is very good, with very accurate colour reproduction and excellent detail. The finished prints are indistinguishable from chemically-printed photographs from traditional film cameras. They are waterproof, stain-resistant, and Kodak claim that they will last a “lifetime” under normal display conditions, although exactly who’s lifetime is not made clear.


Although the E610 is expensive to buy on its own when compared to an inkjet printer, and has quite high running costs, for the technophobic home user who just wants good quality snapshot prints with the minimum of fuss and without having to use a computer it is an ideal choice, especially when used with a compatible Kodak camera. The bargain bundle price only adds to the appeal.