Kenwood MultiOne KHH330 Review


  • Multiple functions
  • Six speeds plus pulse
  • Good value


  • Attachments require storage space
  • Assembly is challenging
  • Some parts not dishwasher-safe

Key Features

  • Review Price: £279.99
  • 1000W motor
  • three bowl attachments
  • brushed stainless-steel bowl
  • glass blender jug
  • citrus press
  • juice extractor
  • food mincer
  • food processor plus three discs and blade
  • splashguard
  • H29 x W24.7 x D40cm

What is the Kenwood MultiOne KHH330?

Described as ‘one

solution for everything’ the MultiOne is several small appliances in a

single machine. While it resembles a stand mixer and comes with

attachments for whipping, beating and kneading, it also functions as a

juicer, citrus press, multi-tooled food processor, mincer and blender.


this means the compact motor unit comes with a lot of kit to store, the

idea is that the MultiOne can transform effortlessly from one appliance

into another, meaning there’s no need for a separate juicer or food

processor in your kitchen and their accompanying clutter. Capacity

hasn’t been neglected in pursuit of functions, fortunately, as the

generous 4.3-litre mixing bowl can still accommodate 1.6kg of cake

batter, whip up to eight egg whites and handle up to 800g of dough.

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Kenwood MultiOne KHH330 13

Kenwood MultiOne KHH330 – Design and features


fact that the MultiOne only comes in white says a lot about its purpose

in your kitchen – it’s there to work, rather than be a display piece.

Its design prizes function over form, resulting in smooth lines that are

easy to wipe down, plus the motor unit itself is relatively light at

5.28kg. A chunky control knob turns to cycle through six speeds (with

soft start and an electronic speed sensor control that adapts to

different loads) and pulse, while on the opposite side a lever unlocks

the mixer’s head. On top, an outlet cover twists off to reveal a dual

drive outlet that powers most of the attachments.

What’s more

striking is the amount of accessories – laid out they feel like a

Meccano set and cover almost every aspect of processing food. The food

processor alone includes a knife blade for straightforward chopping and

pureéing, while three discs cover thick and thin slicing and grating as

well as extra-fine grating for foods such as Parmesan. However, the

processor has its limits as it shouldn’t be used to grind coffee beans

or sugar.

Kenwood MultiOne KHH330 – What is it like to use?


appliance with so many configurations is bound to have a few issues

when it comes to putting it together, so while the instruction diagrams

were helpful, assembly was still a bit tricky. We started by connecting

the food processor unit and knife blade and added a roughly-quartered

onion, which the MultiOne easily whizzed through in moments, giving a

consistent, fine chop. Most of the attachments can be used on any speed

you like, so processing can be precise.

Kenwood MultiOne KHH330 1

We then attached the

mincing accessory, which twists into the mixer head outlet while it’s in

the raised position. Cutting chicken into strips, we fed it into the

attachment using the pusher. The mince that emerged was of an even

consistency but taking the attachment apart revealed that some sinew had

wrapped around the internal screw. Cleaning it was awkward, especially

as this attachment has to be washed by hand.

Kenwood MultiOne KHH330 5

Then we used the

juice extractor to process apples. While adding them in chunks was easy,

the attachment’s position on top of the machine was problematic. While

it extracted thoroughly, the flow varied as the fruit was being juiced,

changing from drips to sudden gushes. As this was dropping from a

height, the juice tended to miss the glass below. It would be good to

see a tall jug included and/or a spout that controls the flow. Inside,

most of the pulp was dry but some unprocessed slices remained.


we moved onto the citrus press, which also attaches on top. In

contrast, this was straightforward, using a low speed to rotate a

reamer. We juiced two oranges and it produced smooth, delicious juice in

the bowl below. Swapping this for the blender jug, we made a milkshake

from strawberries, milk and ice. While the fruit was processed, chips of

ice lingered, but otherwise its consistency was beautifully frothy.

Kenwood MultiOne KHH330 7


we tested it as a stand mixer by making a chocolate cake batter with

the K beater. Here, the soft start came into its own (as well as the

splashguard), preventing flour puff as the dry ingredients combined with

eggs. The splashguard’s wide pouring spout came in especially handy as

this recipe called for liquid to be added gradually. The resulting

batter was perfectly combined and the cake noticeably light.

Kenwood MultiOne KHH330 9

Should I buy the Kenwood MultiOne KHH330?


you’re in the market for a stand mixer but not sure how many weekends

you can devote to baking, the MultiOne is a great way of having mixing

capacity in your kitchen but with a whole host of other uses. It excels

at mixing, blending and processing but some of the other features aren’t

as effective as single-function appliances. Depending on how much use

you’ll get out of its extras, this could be a great value buy,

especially if you’re keen to make your own burgers or smoothies.

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reliable all-rounder of a machine, the MultiOne might not replace every

appliance in your kitchen but it’ll definitely take the hassle out of

food prep.