Jays t-Jays Three



Key Features

  • Review Price: £79.97

It’s a common dilemma: you’ve £74 and you need a pair of earphones which offer a good balance of accuracy and warmth. Fear not; the Jay’s t-Jays Three earphones – which sit at the top of the t-Jays range, above the One and Two earphones – fulfil both of those requirements.

We’d be lying if we didn’t concede that the design of the t-Jays Three earphones is a little… odd. Not that it’s unattractive, and it’s certainly not uninteresting, but while there’s an aesthetic appeal, the shape does mean that these earphones simply won’t fit in some ears. The choice of various-sized several silicone ear tips helps with getting a good fit if your lobes can accommodate the driver units.

Another interesting design feature is the cabling. Rather than provide a single long cable, the t-Jays have a 60cm length by default, and are bundled with a 70cm extension cable should more be required. We did prefer the quirky, but tangle-resistant cabling of the a-Jays Three earphones to that of the t-Jays, though not enough that we’d make the step down in audio quality.

Like the a-Jays, the t-Jays have a good array of extras in the box. In addition to the aforementioned silicone tops, Jays also includes a stereo splitter, an aeroplane adaptor and a hard carrying case. The only thing missing that other manufacturers tend to offer is an earwax-removal tool, but we always just lose them so Jays has just saved us the effort there.