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The big question, of course, is how the Cruiser performs as an actual speakerphone. Unlike many cheaper models, the Cruiser has twin mics and onboard DSP processing to help it cut down on background noise. This makes a noticeable difference in use as it blocks out all but the loudest of background sound without making the audio come across as overly processed. Incoming callers also sound good through the speakerphone’s reasonably loud speaker, although naturally you get the best audio quality when you run it through your car stereo’s speakers via the FM transmitter.

If your phone supports voice dialling you can use this feature with the Cruiser and it actually works pretty well as in our experience the noise-cancelling helped the phone understand voice dialling instructions that bit better. However, unlike the Parrot Minikit Slim, the Cruiser doesn’t call out the names of incoming callers. Instead, it just calls out the numbers, which isn’t quite as user-friendly.


Overall, we really like the Cruiser. The sound quality from the built-in speaker and microphone is very good and the ability to send callers and music tracks through your car stereo is a major bonus. It’s a bit of a shame it can’t call out the names of incoming callers, but in most other respects this is a top-class speakerphone.


Score in detail

  • Features 8
  • Value 8
  • Design 8