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iPhone 11 Pro Review - iPhone 11 Pro Performance Review


Is the iPhone 11 Pro the fastest Apple flagship?

  • The iPhone 11 Pro is powered by the A13 Bionic chipset and performs admirably in both benchmarks and real-world use
  • There’s 4GB of RAM (according to Geekbench) and storage options consisting of 64GB, 256GB and 512GB – as usual, you won’t find expandable microSD storage
  • It’s not noticeably faster than the cheaper iPhone 11

Along with powering basic day-to-day functionality, the brand-new A13 chipset enables features like 4K60fps video capture, improved battery life and many of the updated Smart HDR functions.

It’s a very fast phone in both regular use and gaming. Apps open quickly, even the most intensive of games run without dropping frames and tend to load quicker than their Android counterparts. 

In terms of specs, the A13 Bionic uses the second generation of Apple’s 7nm (nanometre) process, which packs 8.5 billion transistors onto each chip, compared with the 6.9 billion transistors of the A12 Bionic.

The A13 Bionic system-on-chip (Soc) features 18 cores: six-core CPU, four core GPU, and an eight-core Neural Engine processor, which is dedicated to handling on-board machine learning processes. Four of the cores on the CPU are low-powered, dedicated to handling basic phone operations, while two bigger performance cores won’t kick in until you’re doing intensive tasks.

See below for a look at how the iPhone 11 Pro performs in a range of benchmarking tests.

iPhone 11 Pro processor – Geekbench

Geekbench is one of the most well-known benchmarking tools for giving a general overview of how well a phone’s performance ranks. As with all benchmarking scores, they don’t necessarily mean a phone will be an excellent performer.

Geekbench 4 scores iphone 11

Results given by Geekbench comprise of scores for single-core and multi-core performance. Apple has previously excelled in both these areas, especially single-core, and that’s once again the case here with the iPhone 11 Pro sitting at the top of the charts.

iPhone 11 overall system – AnTuTu

AnTuTu is a generalist benchmark that synthetically tests everything from gaming performance to video and picture editing to scrolling through social media.

As is the case with Geekbench, the iPhone 11 Pro tops the charts when compared to other 2019 flagship phones.

iPhone 11 Pro graphics – 3DMark

3DMark’s Sling Shot benchmark focuses on checking a phone’s GPU performance. Here you can see the big improvement in the GPU over the iPhone XS and even the Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

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