HTC Titan - Office Integration and SkyDrive Review

The HTC Titan’s app potential is never going to match that of an iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S2, but it can boast about its native Microsoft Office support. Other smartphones tend to rely on third-party developers for Word and Excel support, but Microsoft has done the job itself here.

You can edit and create Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents, and share them over SkyDrive. This is a free Microsoft Cloud service that gives you 25GB of storage for documents and photos. Of itself, this is not remarkable. HTC offers its own cloud storage for Android devices and Apple’s iCloud does pretty much the same thing (with a 5GB limit). However, the integration of Skydrive is particularly nice. It has some of that Apple-flavoured ease of use, and it makes SkyDrive worth using – rather than leaving ignored, as most tacked-on cloud services seem to be.Office WP7
Even Windows Phone can’t make Excel fun, but it has a go

The Office app itself looks good too. This isn’t a powerhouse suite that gives you all the functionality of the desktop Microsoft Office, but getting away from this ideal is part of what Windows Phone 7 is about – and a big part of why it’s rather good. For reading and editing docx files or spreadsheets while on the train on the way to work, it’s great. This is one spot where the huge 4.7in screen of the HTC Titan comes in handy, making selecting cells in Excel a doddle.

Once you’re done, just save the file to SkyDrive and you’ll be able to pick it up from your computer at home or work, through the Windows Live ID used in the initial phone setup. An even handier utilisation of this cloud storage is for photos, but we’ll cover that later on in the camera section.