HTC P4550 Kaiser Smartphone - HTC Kaiser Review


The amount of storage capacity included as standard is, however, more generous at 256MB. After loading it up with email and contact info, there was 120.41MB left over for files, and 66.21MB left for applications. And battery life is good too. As you’d expect from any smartphone worth its salt, the P4550 will give you anything from two to three days of use on a single charge with occasional use, with that figure dropping significantly if you decide you want to employ it as an MP3 player. However, with its lack of a 3.5mm headphone socket (you have to use the awful bundled USB headset if you want to listen to your music) that’s unlikely to be a common activity for most owners.

As is always the case, if you want to be first to get your hands on a device like this, you’re going to pay pretty dearly, with online retailers charging close to £500 for a SIM free device. Of course you’ll end up paying a fraction of that when the major network operators start to offer the P4550 – in fact we should have a review of the T-Mobile MDA Vario III variant very soon.


With the P4550, HTC has taken what was already a competent smartphone and thought really hard about how to make it better. The result is a handset that does pretty much everything you could possibly want a handset to do.

It’ll work anywhere in the world, has fast data connections, a qwerty keyboard for fast and comfortable messaging, a tilting screen and even a GPS receiver for satellite navigation. Most importantly HTC has managed to package it all up in a highly usable, well-constructed and not-too-tubby package.

When the time comes to move away from my current mobile phone contract and upgrade from my current phone, this is going to be the handset I’ll be looking to replace it with. I can’t praise it any higher than that.


Score in detail

  • Usability 9
  • Value 7
  • Features 10