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As we would expect, the Desire Z offers almost as good a web browsing experience as it’s possible to get on a mobile device right now. The browser supports Adobe Flash for playing back online videos, like our video reviews and those embedded on the BBC, and renders webpages perfectly. We also love the way text is made to fit the width of the screen when you zoom in, so there’s less need to scroll left and right (this can be turned off).

The only let down is the slower processor means flash video is some way from desktop browser speeds and generally scrolling around graphically rich webpages can be a tad sluggish compared to the fastest smarpthones. Turning off Adobe Flash or putting it to on-demand helps out and otherwise knowing to close the odd tab every now and then will keep things flowing nicely.
HTC Desire Z GPS

As well as its general interface tweaks HTC has also added some extra apps and other features.

Locations is a comprehensive mapping and sat-nav application developed in association with TomTom. It’s key advantage over the ever present and eminently capable Google Maps is that it stores maps locally, meaning you can still find out where you are even when you haven’t got a data connection. You can also search for local amenities and use it as a complete sat-nav. It’s pretty easy to use and is definitely a welcome addition, even if some of its functions do clash with Google Maps.
HTC Desire Z UI

Also available is HTC’s Sense service, which let’s you locate your phone by logging onto the website and making it ring. You can also remotely wipe it of data or use the associated website to track where you’ve been round the world. It’s all an attempt to build a complete ecosystem around HTC, just as Apple is doing with its iPhone, rather than have its products be seen as just another Android phone. Many people won’t find the extras all that useful but they’re there if you want.
HTC Desire Z phone finder

As ever, Android offers a whole host of other features and you can download a vast number of apps from the MarketPlace to bolster its capabilities further. Gaming on the handset is also pretty good fun with most games playing smoothly and looking great on the awesome screen.