HTC 8S Review - Battery Life, Value and Verdict


HTC 8S – Connectivity

Next to the latest £500 phones, the HTC 8S

offers fairly basic connectivity. There’s no 4G, no NFC and no FM

radio. You do get Wi-Fi tethering, pretty snappy mobile internet, GPS

and a 7GB chunk of free SkyDrive storage. This is Microsoft’s cloud

storage solution, letting you upload photos and other files for

retrieval later on a computer.

HTC 8S – Battery Life


8S has a non-removable 1700mAh battery. This is a fairly standard

capacity for a phone of this size, and in our experience Windows Phone

has offered better power management than, say, Anrdroid.
HTC 8S 9

get a full day’s charge out of the phone, but moderate-to-heavy users

are still some way off the smartphone Holy Grail of two-day use. As

ever, switch off 3G and you’ll sail through two days easily enough.

HTC 8S – Value


to the other Windows Phone 8 handsets currently available, the HTC 8S

looks like a bit of a bargain. It’s prettier than the comparably-priced

Nokia Lumia 620, and also compares well with many rival Androids,

especially in design terms.

However, it is significantly

hamstrung by its limited internal memory, and while Windows Phone 8 is a

joy to use in many respects, many of its old problems remain. App developer

support is a problem, and that Windows Phone 8 has made this even

worse when it’s not all that much different from Windows Phone 7 feels

unnecessary. HTC 8S 10



HTC 8S is an attractive early entry to the world of the new Windows OS.

It looks and feels great, and sells at a very reasonable price. It also

has the power to make Windows Phone 8 as quick as it should be, aside

from the occasional glitch. Look too close, though, and you’ll realise

there are a few tasty bits you miss out on. 4GB of internal memory isn’t

enough for the system to thrive on, there’s no user-facing camera and

the lack of NFC will lock your out of some potentially exciting future

developments in Windows Phone 8.


Score in detail

  • Performance 8
  • Camera 6
  • Design 9
  • Usability 9
  • Value 8
  • Features 7
  • Screen Quality 8