HP w2408h ‘Vivid Color’ 24in Monitor Review - HP w2408h ‘Vivid Color’ 24in Monitor

The colour scales test showed colours that step rather dramatically and lose differentiation in the middle of the scales. It also highlights the monitors biggest failing – a lack of a convincing black level, with the best it can do as sort of dull grey. This highlights the poor default settings – Custom and Gaming boost the brightness far too high and are far too washed out. If you’re watching a film in the dark Movie mode will give you the best results, but if there’s ambient light the black levels are not good enough to show much detail.

That all said, I tested the HDCP compliancy with Casino Royale on Blu-ray and enjoyed a detailed and smooth experience, but while it could never be described as the most cinematic you’ll see, mainly due to the average colours and lack lustre black level, it was still dramatic and involving.

Certainly I don’t want this all to sound too harsh. What has to be taken into account is the price – IT 247.com has a bulk-buy deal with HP to offer this at an amazing £282.76 and at that price it’s fantastic value. At the full RRP of £379 the flaws in the picture quality could be cause for a pause – but at the lower price this impressively featured, good to look at, and easy to live with display, is nothing less than a great budget buy for everyday use. If you’re a more discerning user or a professional looking for colour accuracy you’ll be short changing yourself but the average user, particularly the gamer on the budget, will be satisfied with this display.


HP’s w2408h offers a wealth of attractive features, such as HDMI with HDCP, pivot, height adjustment, rotation, four USB ports and speakers. It may not break any records in the picture quality stakes but the image quality is still decent, and unless you’re a specialist user, for the price, this large, high resolution display is simply a great buy.


Score in detail

  • Image Quality 7
  • Value 9
  • Features 9