HP w2207 22in LCD Monitor - HP w2207 22in LCD Monitor Review


However these tests didn’t reveal one the main weaknesses of the w2207: motion. As previously noted, the claimed 5ms (off-on-off) response time seems a bit fanciful and testing confirmed that this is almost undoubtedly a grey-to-grey figure. Smearing and ghosting was noticeable during video playback, and though only very discerning eyes may spot it normally, during slow panning shots the weakness was quite evident.

This is a shame too because the style and glossy finish lend the HP to video playback and, with exception of some smearing, good quality video looked superb with excellent detail, deep colours and excellent black levels. These points were very well demonstrated by firing up Quake 4, where its palette of dimly lit corridors and colourful lighting was superbly produced.

Ultimately it boils down to how fussy or sensitive you are to the kinds of motion problems experienced in the HP. These are the sort of problems you’ll get on pretty much any LCD, but compared to the likes of the Samsung 226BW the HP is slightly, but not overwhelmingly, worse. In almost every other respect, however, it either matches or betters the competition, particularly in design and stand adjustment, while viewing angles are surprisingly good considering this uses a TN panel which aren’t renowned for their viewing angles. Thus, if you can live with this blemish then you won’t be disappointed.

Finally, no review would be complete without mentioning the Samsung 215TW. It’s still our 1,680 x 1,050 monitor of choice, and more recently prices have been stumbling so fast as to suggest that it’ll soon to be out of supply. As such, if you’re thinking of getting a new monitor at this resolution then now might be a good time.


There’s a great deal to like about the HP w2207. It offers market leading design, superb adjustability and has all the features a display should. Image quality is generally excellent, however it comes with the notable caveat that it sometimes struggles with motion smearing and ghosting. Even so this is a great monitor, and if you can excuse the motion problems it will serve you well.


Score in detail

  • Image Quality 8
  • Value 8