HP w2207 22in LCD Monitor - HP w2207 22in LCD Monitor Review


Thankfully the HP isn’t quite as expensive as the Eizo, just £239 compared to nigh on £1,000. That said this price does put the w2207 at the higher end of the market alongside the Viewsonic VX2255 and the Samsung 226BW, though in all honesty this isn’t a great deal to ask considering a good monitor will last you for many years to come.

Unlike other displays in this category the HP also features a pivot mode, allowing one to use the monitor in a portrait position when looking at long documents or web pages. This adds a great deal to the flexibility of the display, and to round things off there’s swivel control thanks to a small rotating disk hidden under the base of the stand.

It’s pretty clear then that the w2207 lacks no adjustability, but what about performance? As with the majority of monitors in this market the HP utilises a 6-bit TN display panel with dithering, which artificially compensates for the lower bit rate and produces a 16.2million colour panel. Some manufacturers have got into the habit of listing this as 16.7million colours, which would indicate an 8-bit panel, but this certainly isn’t the case.

This isn’t ideal, but it isn’t the end of the world either and other parts of the specification are far more promising. A quoted contrast ratio of 1000:1 is excellent, as is the 300cd/m2 brightness and the 5ms (on-off-on) response time, though claimed response time is generally moot. Connectivity is fairly standard, with an HDCP enabled DVI port and VGA D-Sub, though HP has also made space for a two port USB hub. An audio input on the back indicates the presence of some in built speakers, albeit hidden ones, and as ever they are very poor – what else is new?

Setting up the monitor was a trifling affair as the w2207 comes in one piece, stand and all. In the box HP provides everything you’ll need, including a power, DVI and D-Sub cables as well as a USB cable and an audio cable. As is fairly typical all documentation is provided on CD.