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The integrated Bluetooth is a great feature and something that I use on my h5450 all the time. Assuming that you have a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, you can check your email anywhere you like. I used the h1940 with a Sony/Ericsson T610 and the two partnered without any problems. The only tricky part about setting up your POP3 email is getting the dialling string correct. Once you’ve tracked down all the prefixes and dial strings and set them correctly though, it’s just a case of setting up your POP3 details in the Inbox application and away you go. Even though my T610 supports GPRS I still tend to use GSM dialup for checking my email since I’m usually only connected for a couple of minutes and the call makes up part of my free monthly call quota.

Of course Bluetooth isn’t just handy for dialup networking, it’s also great for transferring data between enabled devices. Especially useful is the ability to transfer contacts and electronic business cards with other PDAs or mobile phones. Of course you can do this with infrared, but it’s a lot more hassle trying to line up the devices in order to make the connection.

Installing and using ActiveSync is as simple as it always was. Once you’ve installed it on your PC and created the partnership between the devices all your data will be seamlessly synchronised. As long as the iPAQ is connected to your PC, any changes made to your contacts, calendar, notes etc. will automatically synchronise.

Despite it’s diminutive size, the h1940 seems to be able to handle most things you’re likely to throw at it. The slower processor does take longer to perform certain tasks than my h5450, but multimedia duties didn’t seem to phase it at all. Playing back MPEG movies on the h1940 was no problem at all, and there was no evidence of any frame jumping or slowdown. Music playback was also first rate using both mp3 and WMA content. As mentioned above, the only down side in this area is the 2.5mm audio jack.

It’s hard not to like the h1940. It’s a small and stylish PDA that does pretty much everything you’d want it to. With a price of £264.31 including VAT it’s not going to break the bank, but you do have to factor a couple of things into that price. The more expensive PDAs, including the iPAQs that are further up the food chain, will ship with docking cradles and carrying cases. So, if you want both those features you might find that one of the seemingly more expensive iPAQs could actually turn out to be cheaper. That said, for basic use and for those who want a slim and stylish Pocket PC, the iPAQ h1940 will fit the bill perfectly.


There may be smaller PDAs based on the Palm operating system, but if you want to use Pocket PC the h1940 is probably the most unobtrusive device available. You don’t get as much in the box as you do with other iPAQs, but it’s still a great little PDA that won’t weigh you down if you carry it with you everywhere.



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  • Usability 9
  • Value 8
  • Features 7