Half-Life 2 - Multiplayer and Verdict



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As for multiplayer, Counter-Strike: Source offers the same solidly addictive thrills as the original version with improved graphics, the main addition to gameplay deriving from the physics engine. Additionally, some three weeks after the game’s initial release, Valve made the surprise introduction of multiplayer using Half-Life 2’s own maps and weapons. It might be plain old deathmatch but it’s the gravity gun that offers a new slant on the genre. Killing your enemies by chucking a toilet at them is just as funny as it sounds, though repeatedly being killed by flying furniture does eventually get frustrating. The trick is being able to use the gravity gun to defend against objects being hurled at you, and knowing when to switch to conventional weapons. For a quick thrill, it’s a blast, but it’s unlikely to hold the same lasting appeal as Counter-Strike: Source.


Undoubtedly worth the wait, Half-Life 2 is a stylish, involving and graphically stunning game. It largely makes good on its promises of bringing new levels of emotional connection to its characters and with its graphics and physics engine breaks new ground. If you only buy one game, ever, this is the one to get.