Goodmans G-Shot 3027TFT – Budget Digital Camera - Goodmans G-Shot 3027TFT Review

There is EV adjustment available, but it is right at the bottom of the list. There are a couple of notable things to be found in the menu. One is an option to use the 3027 as a web cam when linked to a PC via its USB cable. More bizarrely, the third page of the menu contains a Tetris-like game and a lottery number generator. Yes, this camera can help you win the lottery.

This is just as well, because it’s almost useless for taking photographs. It has a shutter lag of almost two seconds, longer if the flash is used, a delay which quickly becomes frustrating. Picture quality is frankly appalling. Shots are grainy and lacking in detail, colour rendition is hopelessly inaccurate, and there is a major problem with image noise in all conditions except bright sunlight. Low-light flash shots have so much noise that they look like a pointillist painting.

The tiny fixed-focus, fixed-aperture lens simply can’t produce the kind of detail or contrast to make a worthwhile 3.1 megapixel image, and also suffers from bad distortion around the edges of the frame. On at least two occasions, the camera also produced a bizarrely warped image which I am at a loss to explain. Also on two separate occasions the camera completely locked up in playback mode and could not be switched off. The batteries had to be removed and re-inserted to get it working again. Talking of batteries, the 3027 runs on 2x AAA batteries which only last for a few of hours of normal use. I was able to take about 70 shots, some with flash, before they gave out.


Although it may appear to be a bargain at only £59.99, buying the Goodmans G-Shot 3027TFT would be a false economy. Slow start up time, long shutter lag, poor handling, badly labelled controls, poor battery life, occasional crashes and utterly execrable picture quality make this a camera that is best avoided, except possibly as a novelty gift for a child. If you are looking for a cheap camera, save up another £30 or so and buy an Olympus C-180 instead.