Get Taxi Android App Review

Booking a taxi over the phone is often a bit of a nightmare. If the person at the other end of the line can hear you over the din of loud radios and people puking in the cab office, they then struggle to spell the name of your road or take your postcode. Wouldn’t it be better to simply ping a message to them and have them confirm the details, providing you with the name of the driver and his mobile phone number? Get Taxi

That’s exactly what Get Taxi does. It automatically finds your location using GPS and lets you enter your destination and the time you want to book the taxi for. Then it’s simply a matter of pressing the Get Taxi button and the app will book a reliable cab for you and send a message confirming the details.


The success of the service will depend on the number of Taxis that the service can sign up, but at the moment it looks like a promising alternative to the usual hassle of booking a cab.

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