Genius GHP-04NC Noise-Cancelling Headphones - Performance and Verdict


Genius quotes 50 hours of battery life from a pair of AAA batteries. This will obviously vary depending on the quality of cells you use, but it’s not an unrealistic estimate – we managed to get a good couple of days’ solid use out of the GHP-04NCs before the power finally ran out midday, having accidentally left them on overnight (not that we’d ever do so purposefully).

The GHP-04NCs do stay working un-powered, so you can listen to music while you seek out fresh batteries, but obviously their noise-cancelling circuitry won’t be operating. On which subject, we can’t fault the GHP-04NCs; they work as advertised drowning out external noise to a perfectly acceptable degree.

Unsurprisingly the £30 GHP-04NCs aren’t going to blow you away with how awesome they sound; because they don’t. There’s a massive bass overemphasis, which might please the less sophisticated music listener, but which did the headphones no favours to our ears. Furthermore, the whole soundstage is generally crowded and muddied, with no real clarity or detail to be heard. For the money, though, we’d be lying to say we expected any different, and after a little adjustment we quickly grew accustomed to the less than stellar performance for it to be tolerable.

Given the low price, we’re willing to forgive the slight audible hiss present when the GHP-04NCs aren’t having any audio played through them. While it’s annoying to hear, it’s not noticeable when listening to music.


While they’re not going to blow you away with their sound quality, GHP-04NC noise-cancelling headphones do a perfectly adequate job of excluding external interference and won’t break the bank.


Score in detail

  • Value 7
  • Sound Quality 6
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