Gear4 iVak Case For iPod Touch/iPhone Review


It’s a nightmarish scenario: you’ve laid out £200-odd on a brand new iPhone or iPod touch only a week ago, only to pull it from your pocket one day to suddenly realise that you inadvertently also put your house keys in with it. Sure, the glass screen might be impressively resilient, but that metal surround? Well, needless to say it will never look quite right again.

Now there is a certain school of thought which says that anyone stupid enough to put an expensive piece of technology like an iPhone into a pocket also filled with anything liable to damage it deserves whatever punishment said device takes. On the opposite side of the (metaphorical) debate there is that subset of consumers who will insist on taking their undeniably attractive device and surround it in cheap plastic or faux leather in an attempt to shield it from the world.

Now I will concede that not all of these case purchasers are dribbling idiots as incapable of putting their own trousers on the right way around as they are of formulating the simple mathematics of “iPod + keys + pocket = bad”. Some cases are genuinely attractive, can protect your device from accidental damage, or someone else’s intentional damage, and even add some useful functionality.

We saw one such case way back in 2006 in the form of the Vakaadoo iVak. Suffice to say we liked it, a lot – in fact so far as I know Benny is still using it to this day. Now the iVak is back for the iPod touch and iPhone, albeit under the Gear4 brand.

Don’t assume that because the iVak isn’t being distributed under the Vakaadoo name anymore that this revision is any less worthy of attention though. Certainly from looking at the case’s packaging you get the impression this is a product worth consideration.

The case is actually made up of two parts, coloured black and silver (champagne if you’re being pedantic) to match the iPhone. To get your iPhone or iPod touch into the case you simply slide the silver part off, insert your i-device and replace the rear casing – it really isn’t rocket science. The black section is made from rubberised plastic used is actually very reminiscent of high-end Lenovo ThinkPads. While I didn’t like to test it, I’m fairly confident you could drop your iPhone while in the case and it would live to tell the tale – I accept no liability if that turns out not to be the case though – pun intended.

In the centre of the each of the front edges is a pair of slits that accommodate the iVak’s belt clip. This clasp wraps around the back of the case with one end hinged with little clasps to hold it in place once attached. It’s hard to describe in words exactly how this works, but trust me, it does. Once locked no reasonable amount of pulling is going to loose the belt clip from its position.

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