Freeview HD Android App


If you’re thinking “great, I’ll be able to use this app to watch TV on my handset”, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Instead, what it does allow you to do is browse through what’s coming up over the next week on all the channels on the Freeview HD service, via a pretty slick and appealing interface.
Freeview HD
The app also highlights shows to look out for and there’s a section that shows Tweets about shows currently on air. However, it’s a shame the developers haven’t included the ability to hide unwanted channels. Who really wants to know what’s coming up on a bunch of ropey shopping channels, after all? Especially as Freeview suffers form a glut of them.


It lacks the ability to schedule recordings remotely on Freeview HD boxes, but as a straightforward Freeview HD EPG for your phone, it does a decent job.

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