Fly SLT100 Review - Fly SLT100 Review


Generally, the operating system used on this mobile was not difficult to get to grips with. However, I am not sure why the developers offer a main menu that gives you three application groups at a time in a horizontally scrolling system rather than using a standard grid. It makes getting to what you want take that little bit longer than it should.

And there were occasions when I felt the device software ran a little slowly. I particularly noticed this when using the picture gallery. Thumbnails of photos stored on the handset memory took a while to materialise on screen.

I am not delighted with the proprietary headset connector, or in fact with the battery life. Playing music continuously from the internal memory after first fully charging the phone resulted in 5 hours 46 minutes of music, which I’d rate as average.


The Fly SLT100 has some super features for a budget handset not least of which are TV out, FM radio recording and a touchscreen. But don’t buy it for the camera, which I found to be very difficult to work with, or the battery life which isn’t that strong.