Epson EH-TW3600 - A Projector for the Casual User Review


This reinforces our suspicion when we first clocked the TW3600’s spec sheet that it’s designed fairly specifically with casual users in mind, rather than die-hard movie fans looking to indulge their habit without spending too much cash.

In other words, its pictures appear to have been calibrated to look their best in a non-blacked out room. We’re not saying you can get away with running it with all the curtains open on a sunny day or anything, but its colours and brightness certainly make it unusually accomplished for its level of the market when you’ve got dimmed lights on, or a bit of light coming in from around your curtains. Which is, of course, ideal if you anticipate that you will mainly be using the projector in a social way, for movie or sporting events parties, or you just have a large family including a youngster or two, where having a completely blacked out room isn’t practical.

As well as its high brightness and intense colours (if you stick with the projector’s relatively dynamic settings), the TW3600 enjoys very strong sharpness and detailing, thanks to its full HD resolution and some clearly solid image processing. It handles motion quite successfully for its money too, suffering with relatively little judder despite not having the same sort of motion processing circuitry sported by Epson’s flagship projectors.

One final strength is that the projector runs surprisingly quietly for such a high-brightness model, even if you use its lamp on its highest ‘normal’ setting – something we’d actually recommend given the projector’s apparent preference for being run at potent brightness levels.


The TW3600 is in some ways a disappointment. It doesn’t show the usual clear picture advances over previous models that we usually find with Epson’s home cinema projectors, and its focus on working in casual environments doesn’t really suit the die-hard home cinema fan in us. That said, it actually caters for its clearly casual target market very well, and even a ‘treading water’ projector from Epson is worth an audition. We just wish the brand would hurry up and send us its truly amazing-looking Reflective LCD models already…