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Dyson DC47 Performance

If the Dyson DC47 hadn’t ticked enough boxes in its design and handling, it is the machine’s cleaning performances where it really stands out. The 2 Tier Radial cyclone technology utilised within the model produces staggering suction power with the two layers of air revolving cyclones claimed to capture microscopic dust particles down to 1/5,000th of a pin head in size.

Whilst we can’t prove the accuracy of these lofty claims, what we can tell you is that the Dyson DC47 produced hugely impressive results with the machine able to tackle everything from a mud and leaf caked doormat to dust and hair covered tiled floors, via rugs that had accumulated the fluff and dirt of daily life.

Paired with the dual channel floor tool that comes boxed with the Dyson DC47 and boasts two separate airflow channels for improved and more direct dirt capture, the vacuum was able to handle multiple surfaces with ease. Transitioning from a hardwood to carpeted floors and vice versa the Dyson DC47 lost not suction or cleaning ability, tackling each surface type with equal aplomb.

Dyson DC47

Where the dual channel floor tool did encounter a slight issue, however, was when faced with deep, plush rugs. Due to the high power nature of the vacuum’s suction abilities, the Dyson DC47 with almost clog its airflow channels with the deep rug fibres, causing suction to decrease and cleaning ability to diminish, although only briefly.

At times a victim of its own success, the Dyson DC47 is limited by its mere 0.58 litre dust capacity with the device’s impressive suction meaning this compact waste holder will need to be emptied on a regular basis. Whilst the frequency with which you empty the bin will depend on the regularity and area you vacuum, during our tests, we found that two circuits of a two bedroom flat were enough to demand an emptying.

Having stuck with its transparent dust container despite the obvious visual implications, although watching dirt rapidly circle the see-through drum isn’t the most enjoyable or appealing setup, in practice the Dyson DC47’s dust container is brilliantly easy to empty. Removing the need for fiddly, expensive and less than environmentally friendly replacement bags, the dirt receptacle is pleasingly simple to detach and empty thanks to a single button offering.

Not too noisy despite the high powered suction, although vacuum cleaners in general are far from  whisper quiet, the Dyson DC47 surprises with its relatively moderate noise levels, something that is not expected from such a powerful machine.

Dyson DC47

Dyson DC47 Accessories

Helping improve the all-round cleaning ability of the Dyson DC47, the compact vacuum cleaner is paired with a selection of performance boosting tools ensuring no stair, corner or stubborn stain is left untackled. On top of the main dual channel floor tool, the Dyson DC47 comes boxes with a ‘Combination accessory tool’, ‘Stair tool’ and ‘Stubborn dirt brush’ as standard.

With handy quick release clasps making switching between the Dyson DC47’s collection of performance enhancing, dirt removing accessories fast and easy,  just a simply press of a button is needed to remove one tool and create space for adding another. Uncomplicated and easily accessible, these clasps can even be used one handed.

With each accessory filling its own purpose, the combination accessory tool proves a brilliant addition for removing cobwebs from the top corners of a room. That said, due to the soft bristles that prevent the tough plastic body scratching your walls, the add-on can quickly become tangled with dust, dirt, fluff and hair.

On to the stair tool and this accessory proved itself a specific delight. Useful for getting deep into small areas such as stairs, corners or tricky, harder to reach areas, thanks to its compact size, it is also a good option for going over some upholstered items such as certain sofas and chairs.

Finally, although the bristles of the stubborn dirt brush are a bit stiff for use on standard carpets or laminate floors without leaving marks, for tackling more course areas such as entrance hall matts or the inside of a car this accessory works a treat.

Dyson DC47

Dyson DC47 Verdict

With the Dyson DC47 price tag seeing wannabe owners having to part ways with a not inconsiderable £319.99, this is a vacuum cleaner that requires some serious investment. For that initial outlay, however, you do get a device that is a leader of the pack and one that will pick up dirt you didn’t realise was even there.

Trading a somewhat disappointing 0.58 litre dust capacity for a compact, easily stored form factor, the Dyson DC47 will not only improve your cleans, but thanks to its easily manoeuvrable form it will cut down the amount of time you will need to spend both vacuuming, and tidying up the path of destruction caused by rival wheeled machines.

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