Dyson DC34 Animal Review - Performance and Verdict Review



The DC34 range have two power modes – high and low. The former delivers

8mins of operation while the latter nearly doubles this to 15mins, with

suction power reduced by about half. In normal/low mode, it really is

only suitable for dust-sized particles that are lightly engrained into

any given surface. Stubborn dirt or larger particles will quite often be

missed unless you’re really persist and precise about how you place the


Switch to high power mode, though, and the 104,000rpm motor shows its

chops, making the DC34 immediately become more versatile, picking up

larger loose items and more ingrained dirt. It’s still not a patch on a

full-size mains vacuum but could just about suffice as you main vacuum

if you’re short on space.

Dyson DC34 Animal

Compared to other handhelds there’s a clear advantage in terms of raw

power but as much of an advantage are those accessories. The crevice

tool and main brush are great for poking in all the nooks and crannies

of your house or car, while the rotor brush is brilliant for carpets,

rugs and other upholstery.

Dyson DC34 Animal

There is a fairly major potential downside when viewing this as mainly a

portable vacuum though, rather than one to perform double duty as your

main cleaner too. As well as simply being portable thanks to being

battery powered, one of the key attributes of a handheld vacuum cleaner

is that it’s small, and as mentioned earlier that isn’t really the case

here. As such, there are times when you simply can’t get an angle to get

the business end of the cleaner into position because the rest of it’s

wedged up against a car seat or such like. The backseat footwells of

cars and gaps underneath furniture or kitchen cupboards are the most

obvious areas of concern here. Some smaller handheld vacuum cleaners are

slender enough that the whole thing will slide under a kitchen cupboard

for instance. 

Dyson DC34 Animal

As for longevity, we found Dyson’s claimed figures to be pretty

accurate. This is fine for occasional spillages, cleaning the car or

having a quick spruce up, but if you’re having a proper spring clean

you’ll probably find it only lasts a couple of rooms rooms before

needing a recharge.

A final plus point of note before we look at value is that the clear,

easy to empty collection cyclinder does make it particularly easy to

pick through any rubbish if you think you’ve hovered up a receipt or

precious penny.

Dyson DC34 Animal


As with nearly all Dyson products, where the DC34 Animal potentially

falls down is price. At list price (£199.99), it’s simply too expensive

but for the £150 or so you can find it online for it’s just about worth

considering. Other handheld vacuums can be had for as little £20 so you

really are paying quite a premium here but we feel there’s just about

enough on offer here to make it worth while.


The Dyson DC34 Animal is a great handheld vacuum cleaner. It’s more

powerful than any other, it has some neat accessories and it’s really

well designed in terms of usability. However, it is bulkier than many

handhelds, doesn’t really rival full-size models for power, and is

expensive. It’s certainly not a foolish purchase but not an outright

recommendation either.