DVDO Quick 6 Review - Features and 4K Support Review


DVDO Quick 6: InstaPrevue

The Quick 6’s useful features aren’t
just restricted to the up to date nature of its connections, either.
Particularly handy is InstaPrevue, whereby pressing a dedicated button
on the remote control brings up an onscreen menu showing live video from
all your connected sources in an array of small windows.

This is
actually an invaluable navigational aid when you consider that otherwise
you’d have to try and remember what you’d got connected to six HDMI

As a further aid to quickly finding the right source, you
can label the inputs. But InstaPrevue is by far the most elegant and
useful ‘memory aid’ – and another feature not commonly found on AV
switchers, especially at the Quick 6’s price level.

Connected to the InstaPrevue feature is picture in picture support,
enabling you to watch two of your sources simultaneously on your
display. This is, of course, a particularly useful feature if your
display doesn’t itself carry PIP support – as is the case with most TVs
and all projectors, in fact.

Also promising given the amount of source types and features the Quick 6 carries is its InstaPort S technology. This promises to deliver faster input switching, hopefully avoiding the frustratingly long delays you can get when changing inputs on other HDMI switchers – especially when shifting between different source resolutions.

DVDO Quick 6: 4K Support

We hinted earlier, though, that we needed to explore the Quick 6’s 4K
support in more detail. Why? Becuase, while undoubtedly welcome, there are
limitations to it.

For starters, 4K sources wreak havoc on the
InstaPrevue feature. If you’re watching a 4K source and press the
remote’s InstaPrevue button, absolutely nothing happens. Or if you’re
watching an HD or standard def source and you hit the InstaPrevue
button, any 4K sources you might have got attached just appear as a
blank screen.

While this is a bit annoying, though, it is actually quite easy to understand. The amount of processing/image rescaling power required to get 4K feeds sharing the same onscreen space as ‘normal’ resolution feeds is prodigious, and really way beyond anything you could reasonably expect on a £399 switchbox.

It might have made more sense, however, to have the InstaPrevue feature show a window containing the words ‘4K source’ rather than just a blank space where the 4K signal should be; indeed, there’s been a suggestion from DVDO that it might introduce this idea via a firmware update at some point.

With all the talk of 4K scaling back there, now is probably a good time to make sure you realise that the Quick 6 is a 4K switchbox only. It cannot upscale HD or standard definition inputs to 4K for output.

Another area in which its 4K support causes the Quick 6 some difficulty is the way hitting the Menu button on the remote while watching a 4K source calls up quite possibly the smallest onscreen menus we’ve ever seen – a result of DVDO having ‘sized’ its menus for lower resolution sources, where they look much bigger.

This problem feels a little careless and makes you wonder how much time DVDO has spent actually testing its little box of tricks with 4K sources. Again, though, it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that this issue could also be fixed by a future firmware upgrade.

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