Dogcam MiniDVR HD - Image Quality and Verdict



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For our most extreme test, we strapped the Dogcam MiniDVR HD’s camera to a helmet for a gruelling go karting session at The Raceway in London. We were able to adjust the helmet attachment for an optimal track view as we raced, and the device grabbed our entire 30 minutes of track time without missing a beat. You can see a sample of the footage in our accompanying video review. Given good lighting conditions, the footage has the best contrast, detail and colour fidelity we’ve seen from a bullet cam, and it does pretty well in mediocre lighting too.
Dogcam Mini DVR HD
In our more formal test of low light performance, however, the Dogcam didn’t perform quite so brilliantly. There was some colour and definition visible in our 100W ceiling light test, but footage was not as good as we would expect from a standard camcorder of the same price, such as JVC HD Everio GZ-E205. But no bullet cam we have tested has truly excelled in this area. The Mini DVR HD does better than most, and its other features more than make up for this.


The Dogcam MiniDVR-HD is one of the most expensive bullet cams we’ve tested. But the external recorder with LCD and generous bundle of attachment options really make up for this. It’s a premium product for a premium price. Although low light performance is not as good as budget camcorders costing similar money, the range of situations where you could use the Dogcam to capture action moments is very great indeed. If you’re serious about recording your sporting activities, this camera really delivers.


Score in detail

  • Design 9
  • Image Quality 8
  • Features 9
  • Value 9
  • Perfomance 8