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The i2 is by no means perfect and the biggest flaw is really the low resolution screen, as a widescreen display with higher resolution would have made this a great product, especially considering all the functionality you get. At £249.00 including VAT the i2 isn’t terribly expensive compared to competitive products, but considering that you can get a Sony PSP for £179.00, the shine soon starts to fade. Fair enough, the PSP doesn’t have a 20GB hard drive, but the screen is much better and you can actually buy films on UMD disc, so there is no need for converting your DVDs or downloading what is seen as illegal content. That said, you can rip DVDs to a MemoryStick in a PSP if you wish.

Overall the i-Station i2 is an interesting product that could do with a few tweaks, but I would watch the development of the next generation unit closely. Hopefully the successor to the i2 will have a high resolution widescreen display, making it a better mobile movie machine.


The i-Station i2 is a feature rich PMP for a reasonable price with a touch screen interface and plenty of features. However, the low resolution screen is what really holds it back.