Dell XPS One 27 Review

Key Specifications

  • 27in, 2560 x 1600 touchscreen

Unveiled at IFA 2012, the Dell XPS One 27 is the company’s latest all-in-one (AIO) PC, and it looks like being its best yet. With a 10-finger sensing, quad HD 27-inch touchscreen display that can fold flat, it looks like being a tempting family PC offering.

Dell XPS One 27

Starting with that screen, while a 2,560 x 1,600p resolution on a 27-in screen is nothing new, it’s still impressive in the flesh, making for a really sharp look. It’s a top quality LCD panel too so has great viewing angles and eye-popping colours.

Dell XPS One 27 2

Touch sensing is also impressive, even if 10-finger sensing isn’t technically all that new. On a screen this big it feels like a more useful feature than on any tablet or smaller PC, allowing you to type reasonably easily on the digital, on-screen keyboard, and have enough space to fit two pairs of hands for two player games.

Dell XPS One 27 3

Helping to make two-player action an even more viable option, the screen folds flat, allowing for air hockey style gaming, or of course collaborative work – sadly it won’t quite stretch to holographically projecting, for the ultimate in action movie-style mission planning.

Dell XPS One 27 1

The hinge mechanism and overall build quality of the Dell XPS One 27 seems excellent, and it’s a stylish beast too. Meanwhile on the ports front you’ve got six USB 3.0 connections, an optional Blu-ray drive, HDMI out (we need to confirm if it has HDMI in as well) and, on the inside, processor options go up to a 3.1GHz Ivy Bridge, RAM up to 16GB and graphics up to GeForce 640M. So, not a hardcore gaming machine perhaps but competent enough for everything else.

Dell XPS One 27 4

There is no word on an official Dell XPS One 27 price yet, but this looks like being a compelling option for those that want a single, stylish PC for there living room.