Dell V515w - Performance and Verdict Review


Speed specs for the Dell V515w, as with so many printers, are fanciful at best, with Dell quoting 33ppm for black print and 30ppm for colour. While this is in draft mode, which is quicker than normal mode, we still only saw 7.9ppm when printing our five page black text document as a draft document.

In normal print mode the same document came through at 5.6ppm, while the extended, 20-page print reversed the digits, to give 6.5ppm. The five-page black text and colour graphics print managed 3.6ppm. All these speeds are good for this class of inkjet, it’s just a shame they’re so far off the claims.
Dell V515w - Printing
The print quality of black text is pretty good, with no visible feathering and smooth, well-formed characters. Colour graphics are also well reproduced, with very little dithering and accurate registration of black text over solid colour. Colour copies aren’t quite so good, with quite a bit of lightening in comparison with a colour original, and the photo print was too dark and a little light on red content. This could probably be adjusted out.

The main trouble we saw with the earlier Dell P513w was the cost of its consumables and to an extent this applies to the V515w, too. However, the high yield black cartridge for this machine is rated at 500 pages, while costing the same as the lower yield consumable on the other machine.

This affects both black and colour page costs, which come out at 5.8p for black and 14.7p for colour, both including 0.7p for paper. They are still over a penny more per page than from any other non-Dell/Advent ink-jet we’ve tested in the last year.
Dell V515w - ADF

This is a very serviceable small and home office all-in-one, with ADF and fax functions, good print quality and reasonable speed. As before, it’s mainly let down by the marketing decision to price the consumables high. It’s getting increasingly unacceptable to charge nearly 6p for a single black page and nearly 15p for colour.