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Unlike Nintendo’s little box, there’s certainly no lack of power inside Cyberpower’s Game Qube. As mentioned, the CPU at the heart of this machine is Intel’s quad-core Core i5 760, which has been given a healthy overclock from its stock speed of 2.88GHz to 3.6GHz (or higher, if you’re lucky). While this might seem low compared to the 4GHz clocks on systems like the Cryo Nano, keep in mind that everything is packed very tightly into the diminutive Sugo SG07 case and higher overclocks are limited by both this and the small motherboard. Still, on the CPU side of things this PC will handle anything you’d care to throw its way with ease.

In fact, Cyberpower has resorted to watercooling the CPU to keep it running with the minimum of noise and without overheating. The waterblock is hooked up to a radiator cooled exclusively by the dimple-bladed 140mm fan fitted to the top of the case. Aside from the video card cooling, the radiator fan and that of the custom 600W power supply are the only fans in the Game Qube. This ensures that, as long as you opt for a quiet graphics card, Cyberpower’s little machine not only makes for one of the smallest but also quietest gaming PC’s we’ve tested.

The CPU is backed up by 4GB of Elixir DDR3 RAM, which takes up both of the motherboard’s available memory slots. We might have preferred a more well-known brand, but at least – unlike a lot of generic memory – the DIMMs feature heatsinks. As far as memory upgrades are concerned, the price of 8GB in two DIMMs is still prohibitive, so if you want that much or more, you might be better off looking at a micro-ATX system (which will offer four slots) instead of mini-ITX.

Permanent storage is provided by a 1TB Samsung F3. At under £1,000 we really weren’t expecting an SSD as found in the Cryo Pico, though it’s definitely an upgrade we would recommend if you can afford it. For optical duties there’s a slimline DVD Rewriter, with the option of a Blu-ray writer for a reasonable £137.

While we’re on the topic of internals, we have to commend the excellent job Cyberpower did of keeping everything as neat as humanly possible despite the Sugo’s lack of advanced cable tidying options.

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