CyberLink PowerDirector 10 Ultra - New Effects and Audio Features Review


PowerDirector 10’s 3D abilities go well beyond merely importing and displaying footage, however. There is also a variety of effects you can apply in 3D. The Picture-in-Picture graphics can be superimposed in the third dimension, so they float above underlying video, although this can look a little unrealistic. Perhaps the most impressive of all are the particle effects. These create synthetic animations such as falling leaves or fire, and there are 3D versions available. So you can have autumnal foliage cascade in front of your 3D video, for example. It’s a bit cheesy, but visually impressive. There are also numerous filters which also work in 3D, so you can create three-dimensional sepia or negative imagery, amongst many others.
CyberLink PowerDirector 10 Ultra
There are a number of non-3D effect enhancements, too, just in case you’re not sold by the third dimension just yet. On loading the software, you’re given the choice to load the Slideshow Designer or a wizard-based Easy Editor, as well as the full video editing environment. The Slideshow Designer now has a host of new templates, including a Time Lapse option, which lets you string together a series of photographs shot at intervals into a slideshow animation. Even this can be toggled to be in 3D, too.

The paint tool now has the ability to record your actions. So you can capture the process of drawing as an animation, and then play this back either on its own or over the top of other video tracks. This isn’t quite an animated version of Adobe Illustrator inside your video editing app, but there is some control over brush style and material, so you can create some pretty cool effects.
CyberLink PowerDirector 10 Ultra
A couple of useful audio tools have been added as well. The Beat Marker lets you take the music soundtrack you have added and analyse it for rhythm. This then adds markers at the top of the timeline, which you can then use to synchronise your edits with the music. It seems to work quite well, and you can vary the minimum time between beat markers so you don’t create too many of them. This tool can be used with any audio track, not just the one specifically aimed at music soundtracks.