Crucial 8-in-1 Aluminium Card Reader - Crucial Memory Card Reader Review


Realistically though, this card reader should be listed as a 9-in-1 device because it also supports MemoryStick Duo formats. Most card readers require a MemoryStick Duo card to be inserted into an adapter – thus making it standard MemoryStick size – before it can be read. However, this card reader from Crucial will accept a MemoryStick Duo card naked, just as nature (or is that Sony) intended. This is particularly useful if you’ve got a PSP, especially since many MemoryStick Duo cards don’t come with an adapter – including ones from Sony.

Being a USB 2.0 device, this card reader is obviously pretty nifty and is generally limited only by the speed of the cards used. I copied a 350MB XviD movie from a PC to a SanDisk Ultra II SD card via the card reader, which took one minute 18 seconds, compared to a bog standard SD card which took four minutes five seconds. What’s really interesting though, is that it’s clearly the SD interface that’s a limiting factor, because if I plug the Ultra II SD card directly into a USB port (it’s one of these cards) it’s considerably faster – the file copy took only 39 seconds and 23 seconds to read from the card.

The speed of the card reader seems pretty consistent across formats though. I shoved a 2GB high-speed MemoryStick Pro Duo card into it and ran the same file transfer – the result was one minute 16 seconds, so pretty much identical to the fast SD card.

With a price of £11.74 including VAT, this isn’t the cheapest card reader you can buy, but most of the cheaper devices will be finished in plastic rather than aluminium. Also you may not get a separate USB cable, or even MemoryStick Duo support without an adapter. Ultimately, Crucial has produced a solid product that does exactly what it’s supposed to, and a little bit more – and let’s be honest, 11 quid is hardly going to break the bank.


A well built memory card reader that supports more formats than even Crucial gives it credit for. Looking for a multi-card reader? You could do a lot worse than spend your cash on this one.