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Still, music isn’t the be end all of audio testing so I loaded up Apocalypse Now, singling out the Helicopter attack scene; not only is this one of the best scenes in film history, it’s also a veritable cacophony of sound with thundering helicopters, explosive explosions, rattling gun fire and booming Wagner all competing for your ear. For a 2.0 set the T20s dealt brilliantly with the variety of action effects, while dialogue was still clearly audible throughout.

Gaming performance was equally impressive. In general I prefer headphones for gaming, but those who like to use their speakers will find the T20s more than capable of getting the job done.

Certainly the best feature of these speakers is, however, the price. At around £55 they’re an absolute steal for a great set of desktop speakers that look good too. Obviously, if you’re prepared to spend a lot more money, you will find better sounding speakers utilising multiple channels, but at this price the T20s represent superb value. They’re more convenient than 2.1 systems, with even less wiring to deal with, and in many cases, will sound better too.


Though one does need to push them high to get the best, the Creative GigaWorks T20s are still a superb set of 2-channel speakers that represent stunningly good value. If you want smart dekstop looks, great sound and minimal installation fuss, the T20s should be just about perfect.


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  • Value 10