Cooler Master NotePal - Cooler Master NotePal Review


The benefits of the Cooler Master NotePal aren’t just in its cooling attributes though; it’s also a very effective stand which makes using a notebook for prolonged periods far more comfortable. It’s nicely angled to provide an optimal position for typing on the keyboard and viewing the screen, while a wrist rest helps makes typing all the more comfortable. Moreover, because the keyboard is sitting at a more natural angle it forces you to sit more upright in your seat, thus helping to avoid any of those nasty hereditary back problems that seem to affect so many.

This, and the cooling benefits, make the NotePal the perfect accompaniment for a home office where space is at a premium. It makes using a notebook in such an environment far more comfortable, meaning you can work for longer, while also be safe in the knowledge that you’re notebook won’t go up in a plume of smoke because it hasn’t had a break in several days. The sleek design means the NotePal will easily fit into any surroundings, and if silver isn’t your thing there’s a black version too.

The only real question mark over the NotePal is in its size and capacity. Cooler Master claims that it should be able to hold notebooks up to 15.4 inches in size. However, a 14.1 inch notebook is, give or take a few millimetres, a perfect fit for the stand. A larger 15.4in notebook does fit as well, but there will most likely be some overhand at the sides.

It’s also worth pointing out that the aluminium finish, although very attractive and cool, is best avoided if your notebook has any kind of chrome or metal edges. It goes without saying that metal on metal isn’t a good combination, and together scratches are inevitable. Happily, this only really applies to a small minority of notebooks with the average workhorse laptop causing no such concerns.


Cooler Master has done a good job with the NotePal, creating a notebook stand and cooler that’s affordable, well made and does its job effectively.