Cooler Master Ammo 533 - Cooler Master Ammo 533



Internally, the Ammo 533 looks like many other cases these days – the tool free locking mechanism in the 5.25 and the 3.5in drive bays are used by several other case manufacturers. Rather oddly, Cooler Master decided to fit five 5.25in drive bays to the Ammo 533 but there are only three hard drive slots. However, only one of the two front mounted 3.5in slots is accessible from the front of the case, so the second one could be used for a fourth hard drive. Hard drives are slotted in with the help of plastic brackets that are clipped in to the sides of the drives and then pushed in place.

Cooler Master has pre-fitted a 120mm clear fan at the front of the case and this can either be attached to the motherboard or a Molex connector via the supplied adaptor. A rear case fan isn’t supplied but you can add your own as there are mounts for 80, 92 and 120mm fans. The top of the case has an extra air vent as well to let out hot air that has risen to the top of the case, although there is no option for fitting a fan here.

There isn’t oodles of space inside the case, but you shouldn’t have a problem fitting a standard size motherboard into it. To rest the motherboard on, the Ammo 533 utilises standard brass standoffs in favour for some fancier stuff seen on some aluminium cases.

Expansion cards are held in place with the help of small plastic clips that revolve around the outside of the case when opened. If you’re using a dual-slot card these kinds of clips can be a real pain, but the ones on the Ammo 533 can be easily removed.

Overall, the Ammo 533 is a good mid-range case with distinctive looks that you’ll either love or hate. You also need to be sure that you don’t need to fit many hard drives, or if you’re happy to use 5.25 to 3.5in caddies or hard drive coolers. At £54.65, it’s fairly pricey for a steel case these days, but the build quality is better than average and it’s from a reputable brand.


The Cooler Master Ammo 533 might not be the ideal case for everyone, but if you attend LAN Parties, this case is worth considering.